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Found 21 results

  1. Mongoose_Chief


    WFinfo is a tool that tells you how much prime items are worth. It pulls data from the warframe market to tell you how much platinum the prime part is worth. It is being actively developed and is being updated constantly. This tool is allowed by DE so you will not be banned for using it. Link to download it: https://wfinfo.warframestat.us/ FIRST TIME USERS - Read This: To get WFInfo working properly, you need to verify 3 settings: 1. Scaling 2. Activation Key 3. Rewards Display How to set Scaling: 1. Open Warframe 2. Go to Warframe's Options > Interface 3. Copy the value of "Custom Scale" 4. Open WFInfo 5. Click the Cog to open WFInfo's Settings Window 6. Change "Warframe UI Scaling" to the value of "Custom Scale" How to set your Activation Key: 1. Open WFInfo 2. Click the Cog to open WFInfo's Settings Window 3. Click the box next to "Activation Key" 4. Press the Key you want to use How to set your Rewards Display: 1. Open WFInfo 2. Click the Cog to open WFInfo's Settings Window 3. Click the text or the radio button of the Rewards Display you want What are the different Rewards Displays? Overlay: Displays the part information on top of Warframe ONLY WORKS WITH BORDERLESS OR WINDOWED (I prefer Overlay) Window: Displays the part information next to the main window WORKS WITH ALL DISPLAY TYPES How to see how much items are worth in your inventory: CTRL + <activation key> now activates a "Snap-It" function This will allow you to trigger OCR on any item you want After hitting CTRL + <key>, just drag a box around the text you want to check It only works in game when there is a menu name at the top left, such as Inventory/Void Trader/etc Just drag a box over what you want to do OCR on, and it'll popup an Overlay/Window with the part info Auto Mode Auto is a new thing they added, to enable it click the cog wheel on WFinfo then check the "Auto" box. What this is supposed to do is when your team opens their relics it will automatically show you how much each item is worth (Platinum and Ducats). So that you can choose the best item that sells for the most.
  2. Mongoose_Chief

    Baro + double credit weekend

    This weekend is a double credit weekend, if you already have a double credit booster it will be a 4x booster so great time for index! Also Baro is currently on the Strata Relay on Earth with some good stuff as always. So take advantage while you still can!
  3. Hey guys! As some of you may have noticed the 100x squad restore blueprints have been released and we need donations to be able to complete the research. Alot of these required components come straight from railjack. The prints can be found in the energy, chem, and bio lab. If any of our members have any resources to spare please contribute. Thank you!
  4. typwnagain

    Plague Star is Back!

    Hey guys plague star has returned once again to the plains of eidolon in Warframe! Participate to get event specific rewards such as the plague kripath, akwin, keewar, bokwin and exodia arcanes! If you see me online and need any help just let me know and i'll join you. This event hasn't showed up since june of last year, so take advantage of it while you can over the next ~9 days or so. @Warframe Players ~ @typwnagain
  5. typwnagain

    Nightwave Intermission Refresh Grind

    Hey guys this is just letting you all know I will be melting my face off doing these Nightwave challenges today (12/28/19) If anyone still needs to get them done, feel free to jump into my party and tag along with me, i've got to do all thirty of the missions and do the mining on both plains and vallis. @Warframe Players
  6. Hey guys! I'm starting a real push this month in preparation for a new year of recruiting new members. If you are a warframe player, or veteran player and would like to assist in these efforts, please get with me when you get a chance and we will set up your permission for recruitment in game after we discuss the requirements for members. Thanks! @Warframe Players
  7. typwnagain

    Crimson Branch Contributions Added

    Myself and @Wrathchilde have added in the necessary contributions to build the room in the dojo, @SgtSquirrel34 we need to get that building whenever you get the chance. I would ask @EbbCubed but I haven't seen him on.
  8. Greetings fellow Tenno! Have you ever pressed a button and instantly slaughtered everything in a radius around you? No? Well then this is just the raffle for you! Laugh in divine opulence as you stand above all the feeble opponents beneath your feet! This is your opportunity to win a mesa prime warframe set. Sign up here in this thread with your in game name, as well as a random number selected between 0-200 for a chance to win. Only one Tenno will win! The rules are typical of price is right rules, so whoever is closest to the randomly selected number in the +/- spread gets the win! Only active forum members are eligible to win. Winner will be selected on 10/01/2019, and entries will be locked on 9/30/2019 at 11:59 PM EST Good Luck! ~ @typwnagain @Warframe Players
  9. Greetings fellow Tenno! Its time to begin your next Eidolon Hunt with something that might do more than just scratch their butt! This is your opportunity to win a free rubico prime sniper set. Sign up here in this thread with your in game name, as well as a random number selected between 1-200 for a chance to win. Only one Tenno will win! Only active forum members are eligible to win. Winner will be selected on 9/16/2019, and entries will be locked on 9/15/2019 at 11:59 PM EST ~ @typwnagain @Warframe Players
  10. Greetings warframe division, Its my pleasure to inform you all that a new set of UWS awards specific to space canada are being concocted and designed as you read this! We shared our collective desire to have them added in our latest meeting, so we will be submitting a full set of criteria soon with the intent of them being made as quickly as possible. Our intent is to deliver a new hardcore set of difficult challenges based on skill, endurance, and cunning wit to earn these awards. Earning these will also require vested time in our community, teamwork, and some good ol fashioned elbow grease. We look forward to updating you soon with new details. ~ typwnagain @Warframe Players
  11. typwnagain

    Empty dojo, interim tenno architect?

    Hey guys, ebb has been on hiatus for over 100 days, our dojo is pretty bare in alot of areas. Has anyone else given any consideration to having an interim architect work on a room or two? Also is anyone viewing this interested in doing some dojo design? Just a thought @Warframe Players
  12. typwnagain

    1mil Index runs; Credit event weekend

    Hey everyone, this weekend there is a credit booster event, this combined with a purchased cred booster pushes you up to 1mil credits per win in high risk index. I will be running these index missions most of tonight and tomorrow, and will be available in teamspeak. So if you have any interest in fast cash let me know and we will get you in the squad! my goal is to hit 50mil plus before the event is over ~ @typwnagain
  13. typwnagain

    OP weapon build guides

    haven't even fully finished this particular build, I noticed however he picked up on the radiation and corrosive combo like I did. This thing melts grineer faces clean off in kuva survivals.
  14. It should come as no surprise by now to some of our more seasoned members, as well as some mid tier members within our province of space Canada that lately we are all feeling... less than excited, lack luster, or burnt out if you will. There have been echoes of it among the team speak talks, within the Clan text chat channel in game, and even among the entire community as a general whole. But what is it about such a diverse, complex game with so many activities and challenges that has made it feel so empty, at times even... dare I say boring? I myself over the years of playing this game have seen the tenno landscape shift from times of being a barren wasteland to an oasis of teeming activity, ripe with radshares and events ripe for the plucking. Nightwave has left us, and with that yet again we are seeing a resurgence of people walking away from the tedium grind of warframe. The lack of alerts in between releases of night wave installments has made the community shudder especially. Even with the most recent release of the Jovian Accord we have seen a split in the community, and who can really attest to it not being warranted? DE has always been heavily focused on the artistic and righteous creative perception of their universe. No one can deny or contest the beauty of this fluid, fully optimized game, bugs aside. But there comes a time when a New atlas skin, and a couple new weapons/warframes just can't draw much more than the players feeling slighted for example. Especially when we see these new creations turn to Mastery Rank fodder as well as pale in comparison to the Kitguns and Zaws that have become the most highly coveted necessity in game. The community has really spoken out about its concerns, you can see some examples here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1100071-warframes-boring-now/ , I guess this is the part where you may ask, whats the point of this post? Why draw attention to negative aspects of a game you say? Transparency. Albert Einstein is widely credited with saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” This my friends is, why at its core, warframe aka "warfarm" will break you. SO, the million dollar question? Warframe Burnout: Fight it or Embrace it? Over the years i've enjoyed this game i've held one thing sacred, just like i've done with other aspects of my life: moderation. To all my comrades do yourself a favor, branch out and try other UWS community games. Have a vacation of it, and meet other members and enjoy your new experiences and mates. Embrace your burnout tenno, space canada will be waiting when you get back... ... but log to build your forma still, we aren't savages. ~typwnagain
  15. Greetings Tenno! I would like to start running Eidolon Hunt Groups. I am proposing 2 parts to this: training runs and kill teams. This will take place mostly after Daily Reset during the week and TBD on weekends. The goal would be to get players equipped with the knowledge and equipment to do these efficiently where they can run 3 x 3's consistently. What's a 3x3 you ask? This means killing 3 sets (Teralyst, Gauntulyst, Hydrolyst) of Eidolons per night phase on Cetus. If you watch recruiting chat just before night time on Cetus you will see people looking for 3x3, 4x3, 5x3 and so on. This means they are looking for people who can kill 3, 4, or 5 sets of Eidolons respectively. I will be hosting training runs for newer players to teach the basic mechanics and to help them get familiar with the fight. I will also be recruiting players for Kill Teams. What's a Kill Team, you ask? Kill Teams will consist of players that have "graduated" training or have otherwise shown a high level of understanding of the fights and possess the equipment necessary to run the fights at a higher level to where 3x3's are doable. The Kill Team goal is to run a 3x3 (or better) with your clan mates. Does this mean not everyone can join the Kill Team? Unfortunately yes - at least at first. It is up to each Tenno to decide for themselves whether or not they want to dedicate the time and resources into this to get to the next tier of Eidolon Hunt/Warframe End Game. Don't quite have the requirements for the Training Runs? Let a captain or me know in Teamspeak (preferred) or in-clan when you see us and will help you get there! If you are interested in participating in this please leave a message below. I will be adding more content to this post as I am able. For a great guide for speed runs check out this guide by https://www.twitch.tv/jermo936 who also streams 5x3s constantly in afternoon/evenings EST. I will also be streaming runs from time to time on my twitch channel at https:///www.twitch.tv/strategerylee. Skipimp
  16. typwnagain

    Poons' Kuva Survival killsquads

    To any and all warframe division members! I'm looking to start building groups for heavy Kuva farming within the Kuva fortress survival mission. Kuva is an essential resource we all need to keep these beefy rivens rolling. I would like to make these runs a routine weekly occurence a few nights each week, so there is ample space available for lots of clan members. Ideally we would want to run squads containing a nekros, dps/cc, tank, and defensive frame to protect our totems for upwards of 45 mins to an hour. It will require precision and endurance so newer/unseasoned members that would like to join that are unfamiliar with how the mission process flows, contact me in game or here on the forums! @typwnagain I'll be starting these runs from today, April 18th around 7pm EST and forward into the forseeable future. Space Canada Forever
  17. SgtSquirrel34

    Easter Floof Hunt!

    Happy (early) Easter UWS Tenno! Come to the dojo on the 21st and get ready to search for floofs! Spawn into the dojo and get your best searching goggles on because there's going to be more than a couple floofs to be found in the main hall and research labs! To win: Scour the main hall (spawn room) in the dojo and the four surrounding research labs to find all the floofs! PM either me @SgtSquirrel34 or @EbbCubed Screenshots of all the floofs you find by logging into the forums, and clicking the little envelope at the top of the screen. You will get points for each floof you find, there will be 3 tiers of floofs you can find in each room. Tier 1: Pretty easy to find floof: 1 point Tier 2: Pretty hidden floof: 3 points Tier 3: Well hidden floof: 5 points There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes as follows: 1st place: 25 platinum 2nd place: 15 platinum 3rd place: 10 platinum If you simply participate you will get 5 platinum too! @Warframe Players
  18. SgtSquirrel34

    UWS's 1st FashionFrame Runway Competition

    Attention all Warframe Fashionframers! UWS is hosting its first Runway Competition! Show off your favorite Warframe and their awesome fashion! You will have one week from today to submit no more than three pictures of your favorite frame and their fashion in Captura. April 7th to the 14th, 8 PM EST This post will then lock, and voting for the best fashion will commence from the 14th until the 17th. After that, cast your vote for the top 3 finalists. You will have from the 17th to the 21st, 8 PM EST to vote. Winners will be announced on the 21st around 9 PM EST. Prizes are as follows: 1st Place: 100 platnium 2nd Place: 75 platnium 3rd Place: 50 platnium @Warframe Players
  19. typwnagain

    Veiled Zaw Riven mod Raffle Giveaway!

    Greeting gents! As a thank you to all of our new warframe clan members who have been active in the forums and teamspeak, I wanted to offer a giveaway this week for a Veiled Zaw Riven Mod. (22p avg market) please comment on this thread with a number between 1 and 50. I will be randomly selecting a number next weekend on saturday march 16th! so please be sure to be on our teamspeak when I announce the winner. also with your number, post your IN GAME warframe name too Only currently registered members from the clan are applicable to win. - @typwnagain
  20. SgtSquirrel34

    Warframe Survival Event Challenge

    Greetings fellow Tenno! Would you like to earn some hard-to-come by platinum, or maybe that prime piece you just can't seem to get? Or maybe bragging rights to being able to hold your breath the longest? Then make sure to vote "Yes" for an upcoming Survival Challenge! Squads will attempt to survive the longest and whichever squad ends with the longest time, wins! Prizes, time, and other details to come.

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