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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings warframe division, Its my pleasure to inform you all that a new set of UWS awards specific to space canada are being concocted and designed as you read this! We shared our collective desire to have them added in our latest meeting, so we will be submitting a full set of criteria soon with the intent of them being made as quickly as possible. Our intent is to deliver a new hardcore set of difficult challenges based on skill, endurance, and cunning wit to earn these awards. Earning these will also require vested time in our community, teamwork, and some good ol fashioned elbow grease. We look forward to updating you soon with new details. ~ typwnagain @Warframe Players
  2. mfranca915

    Community Meeting

    Community Meeting for the first Saturday of April at 8 PM EST. All players are allowed to attend/ask questions/give feedback on UWS and any information that is spoken about within the community meeting.
  3. How does one obtain such awards? I have a lot of tournament experience and invite only events also https://portal.xpulz.com/profile/excal1bur

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