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  2. Welcome Luongos

  3. Welcome Luongos

    Welcome to the fam
  4. Welcome Luongos

    Hello! My name is Luongos, I'm new to the community so thanks for having me here. Hopefully I will reply back with further info about myself United We Stand Gaming Community 2003-2017 Wish to become a =UWS= Member? Press HERE to fill out an application Please join the Teamspeak when gaming: ts.uwsgaming.com <-- click there to join it or click here to download it --> Teamspeak 3
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  7. PUBG News

    Hi everyone, As you may be aware, we have not opened up applications to PUBG Partnership in quite some time. We’ve recognized that there are player populations that may not necessarily quality for partnership, but are able to create interesting custom game content with their communities to provide feedback to the developers. In order to provide both content creators and communities with the opportunity to utilize custom games, we have created two new programs. [Influencer Tryout Program NA/EU/LATAM only] This program grants custom games for 30 days, allowing you to demonstrate your creativity. After 30 days, your content will be reviewed to determine if you are a good fit for the PUBG Partners program. This Influencer Tryout Program DOES NOT give you access to any PUBG Partners benefits. Requirements: Content creator on livestream or pre-recorded video platforms A history of PUBG content on the channel Community leadership and being a good role model An established community Great audience engagement Social media presence and impact Recommended requirements: Pre-recorded video content: 50k subscribers and PUBG content twice every month OR Live-steam content: 150 average concurrent viewers (sustained over time) and PUBG content three times every month Meeting Minimum Requirements does not guarantee you a spot in the program. We look at many factors and reserve the right to deny anyone for any reason. Do not compare yourself to others currently in or applying for this program, we look at each applicant on their own merits. [Community CGA Program NA/EU/LATAM only] This program allows access to custom games for Discord, Facebook, forum, or web communities. Groups that do not create livestream or pre-recorded content. Please note that this is not access for private scrims, Esports orgs, LAN events, or tournament organizers--if your intention is to do the things listed, you must submit a proposal to the Esports Program at Esports@bluehole.net. Communities accepted into this program will provide weekly reports that outline the details of the types of matches that were run, how many people participated in each match, how quickly the lobby fills up, and the level of demand for the frequency of custom games run by the CGA holder. Community CGAs are not for personal use. Your access may be terminated if you do not comply with the requirements of the program. Please note that acceptance into this program does not mean you are a PUBG Partner and you will not receive the benefits of PUBG partnership.
  8. Welcome Iceman4862

  9. Welcome Dulaz

  10. A decent laugh

    Haha dammit snazz daddy
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