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  3. The hacking is getting a bit strong

    the latest feed from BSG states that they are going to implement a better Anti Cheat for .9 patch. Soooooo hopefully, we will see less hackers and more successful raids. Havn't played in several days due to work and getting back into Squad but it seems like every other game or team wipes to a hacker.
  4. Where to get 3m (white) body armour easy.

    Man I just spent about 4hrs trying to get those last two 3M armors and let me tell you. I could not get two for the life of me. Seriously, I think I had the furthest spawn every time I got in or I was experiencing major spawn delay tonight. My last run, I spawned in right as close as possible to IDEA. Ran in finally got a 3M. Noticed that I had yet to hear any gunfire. Proceeded to spend about 10 min in the underground (still learning the map so the underground is safest lol) and found 5 scav bodies, and 2 fully kitted players. Went in as a hatchling, walked out with a modded 74N, a modded AKM, Kiver, Fort Armor, AVSS, more meds than I know what to do with, my first pair of comtacs and an MBSS that held a 2nd Fort Armor. And that's about all I got for 4.5 hours of the same map over and over and over. It was rough. But thanks for the info on the 3m armor. I had been trying to get them just by killing scavs but then seem to never have them or have something better.
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  7. Battlefield V Trailer

    Lets not forget the "backlash" DICE got for having a Harlem Hellfighter as the main person for BF1. In that everyone forgot when the first real gameplay came out.
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  21. Battlefield V Trailer

    I get what Commie is saying but I have a feeling the trailer was HIGHLY edited even during the "gameplay" portions. In 2 weeks I have a feeling the gameplay we see will probably set off a different vibe. EA and DICE are seeing the backlash already and would be smart to try and damage control that by impressing players at the full gameplay reveal in June.
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  23. Battlefield V Trailer

    Didnt look cartoony to me? Just like every other Battlefield I've played. Might be the saturation? I've seen something on Imgur where they tuned the saturation down a bit so it doesn't look as vibrant. Can't say this looks cartoony in anyway This is what I would deem cartoony. There is also a lot of people complaining about the game already, solely based on the trailer. They think it's codified with its sliding shooting noscoping. Well, they haven't watched JF vid and didn't do any research yet. The game itself won't be this fast-paced. There is even a #NotMyBattlefield. As today's society requires a hashtag for every fuckin thing.
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  25. Battlefield V Trailer

    Good point. I have to say the direction and concepts are going to bring this game to a whole new level. My biggest concern (which I will ultimately overcome of course) is how cartoony the colors and stuff in the trailer looked. I wanted that real grim WWII look. I'm all about that immersion. It really took me out. But, a sacrifice I'll take for this new direction.
  26. United We Stand - 9th Knife Fight Tournament (BF1)

    Made a quick video of it:
  27. What do you do for a living?

    this is what I do for a living boom_boom__1.mp4
  28. Teamspeak How to connect your UUID

    please sent me your uid in a pm and ill check it out
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