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Found 5 results

  1. samamorgan

    Miscreated Boxing Tournament

    A boxing tournament will be held on US #21 Stars and Stripes on October 15th, 2016 at 10:00 PM EST. This will be located in the open field ~200 yards north of Brightmoor, at the new Brightmoor Event Center. Please show up on time so that we can organize fighters, ladders will be locked at 10:30 PM EST. The Brightmoor Event Center and surrounding areas will be considered a safe zone while this event is taking place. Violation of the safe zone will result in an immediate ban. All matches are to the death, ladder style. Rewards are as follows: The victor: $20 Steam giftcard, one M40A5 with scope and a loaded magazine, one Police Car The best loser: One AT-15 with a loaded magazine, one ATV The second best loser: One MKIII .22 with a loaded magazine, one Baggage Cart Please closely read the following rules. No weapons allowed on premises, with the exception of SAS members acting as peacekeepers. This includes squeegees. To participate, players must connect to our Teamspeak 3 server: ts3.starsandstripesclan.com Matches will be held one at a time inside a spiked ring. No bandaging in the middle of a match. First player to die inside the ring by either TKO, bleeding, or spike damage is declared the loser No shirt, no shoes, no problem! Feel free to join Teamspeak and the server and have a chat with us at any time, we're a friendly bunch!
  2. Hey guys! As some of you may have noticed the 100x squad restore blueprints have been released and we need donations to be able to complete the research. Alot of these required components come straight from railjack. The prints can be found in the energy, chem, and bio lab. If any of our members have any resources to spare please contribute. Thank you!
  3. Original post on Steam. Dear Black Squad Players, Hello, all Black Squad players out there! I’m very much excited to announce that... (DRUM ROLL) We will be finally having our FIRST EVER online clan tournament, the Clare Cup. The tournament will be held in each region – EU, NA, SA, EA and SEA servers with the top 4 clans based on clan points. The winning clan will be honored with the title ‘Number One Clan in the Region’ and prizes. Here is how to enter the tournament. Play as many clan ranked matches as possible for 2 weeks from January 29 to February 11 (UTC). Become the top 4 clans in the region with highest clan points during this period. After 2 weeks, the 2-week clan ranking will be announced on February 12. We will contact each clan master of top clans to check the intention to participate in the tournament, and the server region via Discord. So, to all the clan masters who are thinking to participate, please be ready to talk with us on Discord. Don’t get disappointed if you think your clan can’t get into the top 4 yet. We’re ALSO going to reward the top 50 clans during the period of 2 weeks with clan marks! You can see our new selection of about 300 clan marks on our website. http://blacksquad.com/emblem/ All the details including the tournament schedules, rules and prizes will be announced on February 2 (UTC). For those who still do not know where to check the weekly and total clan ranking, check out our website. http://blacksquad.com/rank-clan/ Until then, spread the words and TAC RELOAD! - Black Squad Team
  4. MasterReach

    Destiny 2 Clan Live

    Destiny 2 Clan is now live on Bungie.net guys so get going and join up with the rest of our guardians from United We Stand and try to get some recruits in as well before the PC release on Oct 24th https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2/Chat?groupId=2139403
  5. Deleted User

    Do we have a ESL clan account?

    Hey! So I made an ESL account randomly and I wanted to ask if we have a ESL clan account? It be great if we do and if you can give me the password and stuff but I'm still a trial member so you know.

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