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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings Tenno! I would like to start running Eidolon Hunt Groups. I am proposing 2 parts to this: training runs and kill teams. This will take place mostly after Daily Reset during the week and TBD on weekends. The goal would be to get players equipped with the knowledge and equipment to do these efficiently where they can run 3 x 3's consistently. What's a 3x3 you ask? This means killing 3 sets (Teralyst, Gauntulyst, Hydrolyst) of Eidolons per night phase on Cetus. If you watch recruiting chat just before night time on Cetus you will see people looking for 3x3, 4x3, 5x3 and so on. This means they are looking for people who can kill 3, 4, or 5 sets of Eidolons respectively. I will be hosting training runs for newer players to teach the basic mechanics and to help them get familiar with the fight. I will also be recruiting players for Kill Teams. What's a Kill Team, you ask? Kill Teams will consist of players that have "graduated" training or have otherwise shown a high level of understanding of the fights and possess the equipment necessary to run the fights at a higher level to where 3x3's are doable. The Kill Team goal is to run a 3x3 (or better) with your clan mates. Does this mean not everyone can join the Kill Team? Unfortunately yes - at least at first. It is up to each Tenno to decide for themselves whether or not they want to dedicate the time and resources into this to get to the next tier of Eidolon Hunt/Warframe End Game. Don't quite have the requirements for the Training Runs? Let a captain or me know in Teamspeak (preferred) or in-clan when you see us and will help you get there! If you are interested in participating in this please leave a message below. I will be adding more content to this post as I am able. For a great guide for speed runs check out this guide by https://www.twitch.tv/jermo936 who also streams 5x3s constantly in afternoon/evenings EST. I will also be streaming runs from time to time on my twitch channel at https:///www.twitch.tv/strategerylee. Skipimp

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