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Found 6 results


    My Journey To Top 1% Percent Destiny 2

    Those who played or known with me that Destiny 2 as always been one of my favorite games to PvP in. It brings me down to the days were you would connect multiple Xbox together using a lan connection and play halo. I remember the grind to rank 50 in the halo days. Destiny PvP is what brings that back to me personally. Last season (season 4 ) i was mostly doing PvE till the end of the season. I went for one of the pinnacle weapons and got it in about 4 days. It took players a month at time and i mostly solo qued. The Grind made those old feelings come back. Hey you are a sweaty player i'm going to give you a sweaty gun. Well Season 5 hit and i set a small goal for myself can you reach max PvP Rank in destiny Competitive scene. Less then 1 percent of the PvP player base even reaches that goal. Only 590 players in Pc worldwide have reached that goal at the time of this post in season 5. Destiny has 13.5 Mil players Tracked under Pc,xobx,ps4. 835,000 normally Log to do PvP and destiny 2 has about 1,300 players Who have reached that 1% mark. Across all platforms according to tracker. What's helped me get better and how it could be used in other highly competitive games. Learn the metas and learned each weapon type counters. One thing i used in EFT i bought that here was call-outs a lot of diamond to grand-master players normally do this. Review your own videos, Watch yourself play and see what caused to you to die in that gun battle. commutation and resource management play the objective and learn which lanes have weakness. Find a Team you flow with and play each weakness and strength Last GET GOOD!!! Simple find better players then you and play with them ask questions . Watch what they use and how they use it. Personally i was happy to reach this Goal under the UWS banner ! Go hear to listen to PvP Podcast but must important map call outs https://crucibleradio.com/ https://destinytracker.com/d2/profile/pc/SAVAG3GAM1NG-1984
  2. This will be up in the calendar event very short notice testing it out for bigger community events.
  3. [Copy pasta from my reddit post. Link below.] After actively perusing an "it's me, not the weapon." attitude, I can say with confidence: It's a fun weapon to use when you're roaming around, 5 precision shots to proc the detonation (Explosive Shadow). Actually, 5 shots anywhere but the damage is so low you need to be precision accurate all the time. Lackluster against invaders in light of Ace of Spades. I've made it work with marksman's dodge, I guess. At the moment I leave it in my inventory as a, "yeah, I have it... let me equip it so you can see the ornament.". With its poor performance/damage and lack of any viable utility I suggest: - Precision kills against Taken should refund the rounds used. - Explosive Shadow should decrease as you kill the enemy; no less than three shots for Explosive Shadow. - Extends ascendant duration (10 min?) and increases movement speed when ascended. (Dreaming city utility) As a heads-up to other players focused on a seething heart, I wouldn't stress over this thing if you have Ace of Spades. Enjoy gambit because it's actually a great game mode. Don't worry about this hand cannon unless it fills an achievement or until they consider a rework. Those that have it and have time, how does it play for you? Anyway, back to D2. Maybe we'll invade each other. View on Reddit.
  4. ComboDombo




    Hey Guys destiny 2 will be releasing at the end of the month for PC. This post is get a player count of members who already have bought the game ,or will be doing so for the day one release. The goal is to create teams so we could power level through the game I will be providing guides on how to do so. I have been not been aggressively promoting the game due to the fact i'm waiting for a closer date ,and time so once we start receiving new members we have a higher retention rate. My goal is to have a UWS supported sub destiny community only way to achieve this is though the support of everyone coming together. I ask that you follow this post so we could bump up the official forums. I wanted to bring this up in the community meeting but I work on the weekends. Thank you for your support.
  6. Big Boss

    DayZ Exiles

    I'm just about to get into this game and I know there are a few of you already playing. The following are the resource links to get you started if you decide you want to join us. See you in the wasteland! Download the launcher - http://a3launcher.com/ Install the launcher and then open A3Launcher. Click on settings and then locate the ARMA 3 Folder so A#Launcher knows where to look for the game. You also need to run Arma 3 by itself at least once to get your profile set up. Open the game and then make your player profile. Close game. In the A#Launcher/Settings select the profile you just set up in the drop down. Click Save. Go to servers and then search for an exile server. The appropriate mods will begin downloading. Join server and enjoy. Some mods may not download properly and you will have to go to the mod link in the A3 Launcher and click verify on that server's particular mods. That should fix it. You can download individual Exile mods here: http://www.exilemod.com/downloads/ I'll update this as it changes or other methods are available to join game. Oh and don't forget that you need ARMA 3

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