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Found 4 results

  1. MasterReach

    Destiny 2 anyone

    anyone here interested in playing destiny 2 at all? I know it's probably a long shot but I just wanted to see if anyone wanted to help out with some quests and try doing some pvp or Gambit with an actual team besides a whole bunch of randoms. If anyone is interested let me know and add me on Battle.net MasterReach#1590. With the Newest DLC Shadowkeep on the horizon making it Bungie's first DLC without activison's influence. Including destiny 2 having the free to play option, transferring from Battle.net over to steam, having the option to port characters from different platforms, and finally fixing the broken exotic lord of wolves (thank god that weapon is finally getting nerfed). I'm excited to see what Bungie will do with Shadowkeep and really hoping that once it does come out i won't have to be running solo anymore. So again hit me up on Battle.net if you want to get on and get back to playing destiny 2.......pretty please
  2. Drizzit1aa

    Atlas Links Only

    Here is a link that was provided by a potential ally, very useful. It shows how many people are online in each square of the map. https://atlasgame.info/
  3. [Copy pasta from my reddit post. Link below.] After actively perusing an "it's me, not the weapon." attitude, I can say with confidence: It's a fun weapon to use when you're roaming around, 5 precision shots to proc the detonation (Explosive Shadow). Actually, 5 shots anywhere but the damage is so low you need to be precision accurate all the time. Lackluster against invaders in light of Ace of Spades. I've made it work with marksman's dodge, I guess. At the moment I leave it in my inventory as a, "yeah, I have it... let me equip it so you can see the ornament.". With its poor performance/damage and lack of any viable utility I suggest: - Precision kills against Taken should refund the rounds used. - Explosive Shadow should decrease as you kill the enemy; no less than three shots for Explosive Shadow. - Extends ascendant duration (10 min?) and increases movement speed when ascended. (Dreaming city utility) As a heads-up to other players focused on a seething heart, I wouldn't stress over this thing if you have Ace of Spades. Enjoy gambit because it's actually a great game mode. Don't worry about this hand cannon unless it fills an achievement or until they consider a rework. Those that have it and have time, how does it play for you? Anyway, back to D2. Maybe we'll invade each other. View on Reddit.


    Hey Guys destiny 2 will be releasing at the end of the month for PC. This post is get a player count of members who already have bought the game ,or will be doing so for the day one release. The goal is to create teams so we could power level through the game I will be providing guides on how to do so. I have been not been aggressively promoting the game due to the fact i'm waiting for a closer date ,and time so once we start receiving new members we have a higher retention rate. My goal is to have a UWS supported sub destiny community only way to achieve this is though the support of everyone coming together. I ask that you follow this post so we could bump up the official forums. I wanted to bring this up in the community meeting but I work on the weekends. Thank you for your support.

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