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Found 18 results

  1. DayZ Server

    Hello guys I cannot find any Ip Adress or anything about the UWS DayZ servers. Can anyone help me out? thank you.
  2. What server you all play under?

    What server you all play under? I like to get into dayz again. I download Arma 2 dayz mod stuff and join a server. Do you all have a server that every one gets together? If so message me or get a hold on me on Teamspeak 3. Thank you :)
  3. DayZ Exiles

    I'm just about to get into this game and I know there are a few of you already playing. The following are the resource links to get you started if you decide you want to join us. See you in the wasteland! Download the launcher - http://a3launcher.com/ Install the launcher and then open A3Launcher. Click on settings and then locate the ARMA 3 Folder so A#Launcher knows where to look for the game. You also need to run Arma 3 by itself at least once to get your profile set up. Open the game and then make your player profile. Close game. In the A#Launcher/Settings select the profile you just set up in the drop down. Click Save. Go to servers and then search for an exile server. The appropriate mods will begin downloading. Join server and enjoy. Some mods may not download properly and you will have to go to the mod link in the A3 Launcher and click verify on that server's particular mods. That should fix it. You can download individual Exile mods here: http://www.exilemod.com/downloads/ I'll update this as it changes or other methods are available to join game. Oh and don't forget that you need ARMA 3
  4. State of The Server

    The elephant in the room is the DayZ server. What is going to happen to it? I have not been able to make any weekend meetings forever and I apologize for that. I want to be a dedicated member here and I want to know what I can do to either, keep the existing DayZ server going or assemble the few members that are left that enjoy this great game to move to a public server somewhere. Currently a handful of us are playing on a private server called, "Monkeypaw's Loot Barrels Everywhere". The lowdown on the server is this: The admin, "Monkeypaw", dedicates most of his play time to finding barrels, moving said barrels to random locations on the map that relatively easy to find and then fill them with whatever loot he can. The idea is cool and he has had lots of success with it. The server has been very full the last few days since the .62 patch. If anyone is interested in playing there you should hop in TS and get together with us. Another idea I have been pondering over and I would like to speak to the higher ups about is approaching the admin of the server and seeing if they want to partner with UWS. This way we can continue to have a server with our name on it but someone else essentially pays for it and runs it. Monkeypaw has had this server since DayZ started and says that he has the server paid for throughout the year. He just like to keep it running and keep players interested in the game. I feel like the majority of the players in UWS were DayZ players from the get go and this game is a huge reason the group is even in existence. Let me know your thoughts. Msg me on steam or here in this thread.
  5. DayZ

    How do i get into the dayz community here. I Really want to play some dayz with some new people and have some fun.
  6. HElp please

    i just joined the group and i dont know what the server is called. Please help. Thanks
  7. Stary Sobor Callouts Mil tents Mil tent hill, Ghost tower (wooden scout tower on north side of the hill) E box hill (has a lone electric vault on the hillside, and bushes around it) Stary town (key buildings: piano W, medical SW, church C, market NW, barns NE, water tower NE) Big red (large red industrial warehouse by mil tents) Parking lot West stary field Kab knob Kab hill North stary field South stary hill Stary hill Square Stary/Novy Callouts These callouts don't really belong to either Stary or Novy North hill Middle bushes Middle field Creek bed Dirt connector Novy Sobor Callouts Novy Barns, Novy Piano Novy Finger (thin stretch of forest heading north out of Novy barns) Novy half wall field Novy town (key buildings: church W, police C, garages S) Junkyard Novy east treeline Summer camp East novy field Powerline bushes South old fields North novy half walls If you're like me, you may have been wondering wtf is e box hill. So, I made a map of the callout locations. If you want to add anything, or if you have a better callout than what's listed here, let us know.
  8. UWS on DayZ TV

    http://www.dayztv.com/squad/uws-united-we-stand/ Here's our community on DayZ TV. If you are a member on this site, please join this group. If you're not a member on this site, please sign up and become a member in our community, haha. Anyway, be there or be square.
  9. Leather Clothing

    Just wanted to go over what I feel is the best outfit in the game. Easily the best storage. The leather vest (12 slot capacity) can go over the leather jacket ( 9 slot capacity). The pants have a 9 slot capacity. I find that I heat up and cool down pretty regularly and don't overheat or get freezing with the regular server weather. Obviously if I get wet I get cold just like the rest but I feel like I have to do a lot less maintenance. Also, this is a must have if using a ghillie kit. This really makes up for the absence of a backpack.
  10. Lost? Try iZurvive!

    Tired of being lost in DayZ? A lot of our members use iZurvive which is an interactive map for both the mod and standalone. You can use it in your squad to plan ambushes, helicopter crash routes, and keeping track of your bases. It's also really easy to use, just create a username, a group, and you're ready to go! I recommend password protecting your group and only telling your squad the password so you don't have stalkers setting up ambushes on you! Also, they have a mobile app which makes navigating easier! Android iOS
  11. A merry christmas?

    For all my DayZ players
  12. 0.61 Good or bad?

    What do you guys think about the 0.61 update? Is there some bits you like or dislike lemme know
  13. New To DayZ Need a "Squad!

    Hey there, i am fairly new to DayZ, however i know what i'm doing, i just don't know the map and navigation, would love for a few people to play with and help me with the map, if your interested just comment your steam and we can get on the teamspeak
  14. I own a monthly DayZ server that I'm willing to share with the SaS clan. Please let me know what you think in the comments!
  15. As DayZ lead admin I want to know what we as a community can do to improve your and our experience along side DayZ. This is your opportunity to tell me and my team what you would like from us. Maybe you would like to see different events for example. This is a change to give us any feed back and let us know what you think. I don't wanna see a load of bashing. Let's be straight forward and open minded. please keep it constructive and if you can, provide a solution. As a community we should strive to constantly improve with the end goal to have a mind set which we are all one team.


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