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Found 6 results

  1. DayZ Server

    Hello guys I cannot find any Ip Adress or anything about the UWS DayZ servers. Can anyone help me out? thank you.
  2. Server name?

    What is the ARK server for this clan? What maps? I've done a search for both United We Stand and UWS, password protected servers are shown too, but I can't find any of them. I have almost 1000 hours in this game, been looking for another crew to run with.
  3. State of The Server

    The elephant in the room is the DayZ server. What is going to happen to it? I have not been able to make any weekend meetings forever and I apologize for that. I want to be a dedicated member here and I want to know what I can do to either, keep the existing DayZ server going or assemble the few members that are left that enjoy this great game to move to a public server somewhere. Currently a handful of us are playing on a private server called, "Monkeypaw's Loot Barrels Everywhere". The lowdown on the server is this: The admin, "Monkeypaw", dedicates most of his play time to finding barrels, moving said barrels to random locations on the map that relatively easy to find and then fill them with whatever loot he can. The idea is cool and he has had lots of success with it. The server has been very full the last few days since the .62 patch. If anyone is interested in playing there you should hop in TS and get together with us. Another idea I have been pondering over and I would like to speak to the higher ups about is approaching the admin of the server and seeing if they want to partner with UWS. This way we can continue to have a server with our name on it but someone else essentially pays for it and runs it. Monkeypaw has had this server since DayZ started and says that he has the server paid for throughout the year. He just like to keep it running and keep players interested in the game. I feel like the majority of the players in UWS were DayZ players from the get go and this game is a huge reason the group is even in existence. Let me know your thoughts. Msg me on steam or here in this thread.
  4. Anyone want to play?

    Hey guys and gals, its been awhile hasnt it? So with seeing Ark at E3 with all the changes and fancy new gadgets they got going for the game, as well as them releasing a new player made map that they have adopted and made into "official DLC" id like to casually play it again and when ever im bored or what a change of scenery from Warcraft, and as every ark player knows, Ark is fun with friends. So overall, is anyone interested in playing again, nothing serious just casually playing and enjoying the game and exploring the new map which is called Ragnarok and has its own unique dino the Griffon which looks awesome, i know the map appears to be half done, but from single player spectator mode they are including EVERY biome ark has to offer on a huge as hell map which when finished will look and feel amazing as the current content looks amazing as is! so reply to the thread if your interested and we shall see if we can do anything about setting it all up http://store.steampowered.com/app/642250/Ragnarok__ARK_Expansion_Map/
  5. I am not sure if anyone has used the very popular application discord. I have had some good luck with it in my own programming community and would like to see it implemented for the clan. If I had to describe discord I would say that teamspeak and skype had a child and it came out pretty good. I believe it should be something to look into and maybe would cut back on teamspeak server price.
  6. I own a monthly DayZ server that I'm willing to share with the SaS clan. Please let me know what you think in the comments!

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