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Found 3 results

  1. Zer0Wulf

    Battlefield Throwback Night (Monthly)

    The battlefield division is going to do throwback night every month on the first Saturday of each month after the community meeting starting in January 2019. Games will be either BF1 or BF4 to give us a break from BFV for a night, and remind everyone who still plays BF1 and BF4 that =UWS= dominates the battlefield.
  2. Rektitude

    Welcome Rektitude

    Hello! My name is Rektitude, I'm new to the community so thanks for having me here. Hopefully I will reply back with further info about myself The auto introduce is a nice touch. Anyways, I'm Rektitude. I'm Canadian. I'm sorry. Currently running BF5 through Origin's early access and saw a few of your members in-game. They posted the website link in chat after all the GGs. Figured I'd check it out. I'm enjoying the game so far, aside from some minor bugs I hope they address soon. But Battlefield was always more enjoyable with a squad. Not only do I hope to find some people to play with, but a community that spreads multiple games is a bonus. I love the website as well; shows professionalism and dedication. Origin account is the same as my display name (Rektitude). Hope to find some people to play with and get to know. Mind you, I'm pretty garbage right now. I'm not going to shake the rust off with random squads who don't understand nor communicate. I've touched across all Battlefield games, but my prime was back in Bad Company 2 and BF3. I really enjoyed those days and want to enjoy them again. As I get to know people, I'll become more involved with the community/forums. I'll be honest though, forums never really kept my attention for too long. But I do make an effort.
  3. gary14u

    Looking for squad

    Hello there. I recently joined this site to find a squad to play battlefield 5 with. I really enjoy the game and i love to have fun with people in the squad. Nothing better than planting the bomb and winning the game as a squad right? Mainly, i am just looking for people with a sence of humor that enjoy talking and playing. I am 22 years old and i speak fluent English! My Origin ID is gary14u - I have Mic and Discord. Please message me if your looking for a guy to play Battlefield 5 with. I Have been playing a lot of Battlefield games so i know my way around the game. I prefer Grand operations and frontlines. ^^ But i will play other game modes if need be, i dont mind.

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