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Found 20 results

  1. Zer0Wulf

    Battlefield Throwback Night (Monthly)

    The battlefield division is going to do throwback night every month on the first Saturday of each month after the community meeting starting in January 2019. Games will be either BF1 or BF4 to give us a break from BFV for a night, and remind everyone who still plays BF1 and BF4 that =UWS= dominates the battlefield.
  2. Brien

    Favorite class/guns/setups

    What are you favorite classes and what are your go to guns/setups? I prefer the support and medic with their ability to grind points and boost every around them with health, ammo, and revives. Support is probably my best class as i can spam nades (frag and crossbow frags) and the BAR clears out people easily. The marksman selbstlader is my medic go to for medium to long range, good at countering snipers with the health pack and syringe. Federov if its CQC and i want to be a scrub with spray and pray. I also like to play scout with infantry guns like the smle and russian trench to play the objective but giving me a challenge with the need for headshot or 2 shots to body.
  3. NOW all the DLCs of BF1 are out and so I ask you'll this question...Vanilla or premium maps?and why do you'll think so?
  4. NovemberWhiskey

    Specific Battlefield game-night(s)?

    Hi all, I'm new here so if this is posted somewhere please point me in that direction! Anyway I just wanted to see if we had any specific game nights planed for Battlefield 1 or even 4 i guess. Or is there a day when more people are on then others? I could guess there will be more on the weekends. Just trying to see if there was anything planed like this or if it's more organic on how the party's are formed. Thanks!
  5. Hello, I'm just setting up this topic because I wanted to be helpful (once in my life). These are some good sources for tweaking your BF1 to the max, for full perfomance and visibility (In-game hud and all that jazz). Perfomance Guide 1 (Reddit) Perfomance Guide 2 (If 1 is not enough) A video of "TheBrokenMachine". This dude is surely a machine on BF1 and will guide you through the in-game settings for optimal experience. NOTE: Results are different on each build, so please be aware that some of the information in the links above (Except the video) is experimental.
  6. YoMma

    Turkey Shoot

    I was pretty pleased with this little run...
  7. one4u2nb


    h yeah!!!! @FluxChiller @dionysios @SecretSquirrel43
  8. KeistAndPolk

    Gamer Looking For Other Gamers.

    New to the forum. I'm Looking For Xbox 1 Bf1 Gamers. Specifically A Clan. Large Clan. Such As The Infamous (DooM49) <<<<Check Out His Youtube>>
  9. one4u2nb

    More Success

    some motivations to be on top of the scoreboard
  10. Trunkz Jr

    =UWS= vs =ADK= (BF1)

    We will be having scrims and possibly inner-mixed events (knife/pistol/etc tournaments) with ADK which will make hitting tournaments of 24/32 even easier so look forward to having some great times with them. We'll first get a fun scrim with them for those who have never had the fun in doing a fun competitive scrim, so please sign up here if you are interested.
  11. FluxChiller

    Clan Event Idea

    Saw this on a forum today, we gotta do it. Fight club in the megladon pit, winner gets to be eatin.....
  12. Tashpeters

    Battlefront on Sale

    Hey guys, I was checking out current game sales and I noticed Battlefront is 50% off for the Ultimate Edition. I was wondering if anyone was perhaps interested in trying this game out? I'm attaching a trailer for the game; it's mostly"funny moments" (and is actually a really well-made video and very funny) but does show off some of the gameplay features. Hit up the forum post here if interested... Oh yeah, and check out who is the Player of the Motha Fucking Month.
  13. What are your opinions guys?Do bf1 matches suck most of the times being one-sided?What could be the solution then? These days whenever I play a bf1 match 75% of the times I end up winning or losing a match by a margin of 300 to 400 kills , this has started to happen after Christmas and it is quite frustrating as it ruins such a beautiful game , I feel bf1 should get its matchmaking revised where a player should not be picked on rank instead he should be picked on is k/d ratio.
  14. Larold

    UWS BF1 Jousting Tournament!

    Come join in on the UWS BF1 Jousting tournament. Two Calvary with swords charge at each other until one is left alive. Best of five elimination bracket.
  15. Big Boss

    SAS Hardcore Conquest is Live!

    The Hardcore server is up and running folks. Please come and check it out. We need to get this thing populated. The softcore server is doing great. Let's share the wealth!
  16. Big Boss

    Initial Thoughts

    So the patch is out and the RSP is up and running. I went ahead and rented a server to see what the settings are like and see what you can do with it. Here are my thoughts and concerns so far. 1. Making a Hardcore game is not very hard to do and it could be enjoyable. The settings are there to make a good custom hardcore game. Even limiting what weapons can be used, bullet damage, tickets, etc. 2. Finding Custom servers isn't that difficult but don't use the filter settings. They currently do not work or only find official DICE servers. You have to search in the actual name search for the custom servers to show up. So far there are a lot of them up and running. 3. No admin. That's kind of rough. We have known this for some time that there will be no rcon or type of tool for managing the server but still this kind of troubles me. Only the person who actually rents the server will be able to configure it. But even that is limited. Here are screenshots of the different settings. (Not sure how dropbox links go here but I'll give it a shot) https://www.dropbox.com/personal/Screenshots?preview=Screenshot+2016-11-15+10.11.32.png https://www.dropbox.com/personal/Screenshots?preview=Screenshot+2016-11-15+10.11.36.png https://www.dropbox.com/personal/Screenshots?preview=Screenshot+2016-11-15+10.11.47.png https://www.dropbox.com/personal/Screenshots?preview=Screenshot+2016-11-15+10.11.49.png https://www.dropbox.com/personal/Screenshots?preview=Screenshot+2016-11-15+10.11.52.png https://www.dropbox.com/personal/Screenshots?preview=Screenshot+2016-11-15+10.11.11.png https://www.dropbox.com/personal/Screenshots?preview=Screenshot+2016-11-15+10.11.17.png I think I would enjoy a custom server with the options provided but I think this was a let down for sure. I wanted more control over the server I paid for. There is also no option for a year rental. The max is 180 days. There are monthly options I would recommend getting in case this is a huge fail. Hope this helps the higher ups with any decision making. And I do currently have a custom server up right now. I rented it for one month. I wont advertise the name here so if you want to check it out just message me on Origin (SAS-BigB055) or TS. Until the SAS server is up I am going to be messing around there. Take care all.
  17. ProphetBeal

    Medic Gameplay

    So I cut together some medic highlights of me saving the day (or at least reviving/healing a few teammates)
  18. TripleFrequency

    So, how is the game?

    As many of you know, many reviews for games anymore are hard to trust, and I am hoping for some at least somewhat unbiased opinions on the game so far. How buggy is it? Are the game-modes actually fund? How is the spawn system? Is the game worth it at this point? Any and all opinions are welcome, I am just trying to decide if Battlefield 1 is for me. Thanks in advance, - TripleFrequency

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