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Found 7 results

  1. Looking to play a couple of rounds.
  2. HornyHornet

    SQUAD event success

    SQUAD PUB STOMP! THANKS TO @rifledude @Trunkz Jr (died so didnt make team photo) @wetredneck @Ome99 @Justen Lopis @IamJukum @Zaar @Bravo_20 @BladerUK And anyone else I missed
  3. Hi guys, anyone has a vacant spot on your squad or wants to buddy up on duo? just send me a message =D See you.
  4. Charles Perkins

    Looking for squad members

    Hello Guys, Looking for people who are active from 16:00-19:00 weekdays, and weekends! Greetings, Charles Perkins
  5. Big Boss

    Great Squad

    Got my first win in a squad today. We all kicked ass. Everyone did more than their fair share of killing. Good job Oil, White and Snap
  6. So, our Squad section of the community is rapidly growing. Diversity is our greatest asset, with members from the middle east, western Europe, North America, and more. My goal is to get as many of us online playing SQUAD as possible! So I figure if we pick a day, and some times we can start making a conscious effort to get on at the same times!
  7. Put it together in about 15 minutes, I know you can tell... I really just wanted to try out the SAS intro..

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