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Found 14 results

  1. Vladimir

    Vladimir Ban Dispute

    I am a DIE HARD tarkov player. I bought the game on the second week of launch, I would have bought it the first but I was mowing lawns the entire time so that I could afford the game. I just want to mention that I would never cheat or hack, I love playing the game its meant to be played and that's it, period. Anything else and it ruins the fun for me. I will admit, I am not the best tarkov player out there. I always struggled filling up my stash with roubles and guns. But I did the best to learn from my mistakes. Last wipe my friend Eddie and I, had thought of saving up money for night vision so we could night run factory and customs, kill a couple scavs here and there and slowly build up our stashes so we could get higher tier loot. It was great, I was having the time of my life playing, I was surviving more daytime raids and my pvp had greatly improved with the better gear. But my happiness only lasted so long. I got my dream gun, the RSASS. I had never owned one before but I finally could afford it. I bought it, put on a fort armor and fast mt helmet and joined a raid with my friend. While loading in the map, my game crashed. This wasn't that unusual so I restarted tarkov and opened up the launcher. My account was logged out for the first time since I bought the game so I was really confused. After I logged in my heart sunk, all it said was player is banned. I instantly pulled up my phone and logged into my email and noticed that the email said my account was banned also. I tried logging into the tarkov forums to plead for help but no luck, I couldn't get access because my account was banned from them also. I'm really glad I found this website, I hope there is something that I or you can do to help fix this. Thank you for taking your time to read.
  2. After hearing that Halo MC is coming to PC along Halo:Reach my body is ready for the return of custom game nights, zombies, racetracks, assassination tower, and many more. Who's with me and ready to jump back into playing halo or is new ready to try out this amazing game?!?!
  3. Reaver


    It finally arrived today! today is a good day
  4. HornyHornet

    Share your PC setup

    Here is my computer setup so far. Gonna make a few changes soon What do you guys think? Show me yours!
  5. jakob0324

    State Of Decay 2

    i'm looking for people to play state of decay 2 with if anyone is interested ill be on the forums and ts so just message me
  6. R0NI

    New amd processor incoming!

    What do you guys think about the new AMD zen+ processor that's coming I've heard that they have put really much effort to it! Looking forward to April so I can buy one! Tell me your opinions I'd really like to hear them!
  7. Snipetrocity

    Whats the Best Antivirus For gaming?

    Been using Norton for the longest time. What are the best one's to get for a gaming PC?
  8. Just install windows 10 again. Just wanted to know how to delete some of the processes that I don't need that run's in the back ground. There a program or video on YouTube that shows me steps?
  9. Hey everyone, so I made the decision to transition to PC gaming (Literally awesome) I played with UWS on Xbox One, and I have videos of me in Server wipes with them. The whole entire UWS alliance was great and everyone was welcoming. I'm wondering if there's any UWS tribes recruiting. I was able to join UWS on Xbox One due to my high value of loyalty, I came from another tribe and grinded nonstop for them in a server wipe and handed them over 30 gigas to assist. When they asked me why I wanted to join, it was because I genuinely enjoyed playing with good people. Then they asked what "United We Stand" means to me. It's simple... I'm in the United States Marine Corps, been in for 3 years. When you serve your country with great people, something like a gaming community that's called "UWS" is valuable to me and holds worth. So if there are any tribes recruiting in UWS on PC. Please give me an opportunity and at least interview me. You can send me a request on steam if you're interested in having me a part of the tribe. If there isn't a tribe recruiting, I'd like to gather as many as possible, and start making big moves on Official. Have a good one guys! This is all Official Servers. Steam: xJaySavage
  10. Trunkz Jr

    EFT Giveaway

    Ladies and Gents, With the upcoming Beta I want to ensure someone who has yet to play will have an opportunity to play during BETA and moving forward. I am giving away 1 Copy of Escape from Tarkov. Just go ahead and read the requirements. This giveaway will be done tonight, short notice!!! Make this happen and you will be entered!!!! Also if you are not following me, Just follow for more awesome giveaways and such, the closer i get to affiliate and partner, the sooner I can make the UWS Team Page on twitch lol.
  11. So this has been happening for about a week now, My PC restarts randomly during a gaming session. Any Ideas of why this is happening? The only reason I can think of is overheating but my PC feels room temperature.
  12. I am going to play ghost recon wildlands I anybody would like to join me pls give me your Ubisoft Name and we can co-op together.
  13. Bowmn_Gaming

    New System Specs

    Here are the specs for the new computer I just ordered (I will be building it, I'm not a pre built computer hoe) CPU: Intel core i5 7600k Kaby Lake CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i v2 Motherboard: Asus Strix z270g Case: Corsair Obsidian 350d Windowed GPU: MSI rx480 8gb (with the twin frozr cooler) PSU: Corsair cx750m Storage: Western Digital Black 1tb (will get ssd when I can) RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 8 gb OS: Windows 10 64bit. I will I'll try to post a video when I build it, in case anyone is interested.

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