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Found 10 results

  1. Charlie.Papa

    baldurs gate 3

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to kick off this discussion. i was wondering if anyone was interested in this game (baldurs gate 3) and when it comes out running a group campaign from beginning to end and actually finishing the game. i know games like this are extremely lengthy and have alot you can miss so im looking for people who actually want to play or share interest in it. personally i cant wait to explore every inch of the game. if some people are into it hit me up and maybe we can do some trial runs in divinity 2.
  2. MasterReach


    Looking for some UWS members to play some Siege today if anyone is free and not gonna watch the Superbowl...... Please. Uplay: UWS-MasterReach
  3. SgtSquirrel34

    Generation Zero

    This feels like something we might be interested in, reminds me a lot of Horizon Zero Dawn
  4. Been using Norton for the longest time. What are the best one's to get for a gaming PC?
  5. BangshotN

    Second monitor?

    Hello guys, Since I'm gaming most of the time but also on teamspeak etc. I'm in need of a 2nd monitor. Does anyone have some advice for me. It doesn't need to be a gaming monitor btw, since I will be using my main monitor for gaming (which is a benq right now), It would be nice if it's a decent monitor but not too expensive. Grtz Bang
  6. So this has been happening for about a week now, My PC restarts randomly during a gaming session. Any Ideas of why this is happening? The only reason I can think of is overheating but my PC feels room temperature.
  7. Bowmn_Gaming

    New System Specs

    Here are the specs for the new computer I just ordered (I will be building it, I'm not a pre built computer hoe) CPU: Intel core i5 7600k Kaby Lake CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i v2 Motherboard: Asus Strix z270g Case: Corsair Obsidian 350d Windowed GPU: MSI rx480 8gb (with the twin frozr cooler) PSU: Corsair cx750m Storage: Western Digital Black 1tb (will get ssd when I can) RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 8 gb OS: Windows 10 64bit. I will I'll try to post a video when I build it, in case anyone is interested.
  8. Kry

    Rocket League Gaming

    Hey guys name's Kry, I'm a new member and i play a lot of games but my most played at the moment is Rocket League. Which is why I'm making this post. I can see that we're doing in-house events and such for the game but I'm not seeing anything alike the main game groups we have on the forums. E.g. DayZ, Squad, Battlefield Series and such. The game is ok to play solo and you develop skill all the same, but playing with a team and training with them, or a group of people is going to be more fun. So I'd like to propose a "team" or if anything a main page Rocket League topic. Given that we have a good amount of people who not only play the game but maybe are more frequent players. Sorry if this is in any way inconvenient or rude, especially since I've just came into the community. But yeah i play other games too, if it's not possible then i won't tug a gallon of bleach don't worry.
  9. Trunkz Jr


    Ladies and Gents we are doing another STEAM CARD RAFFLE!!!! This time we are giving away 3 that is right 3 $50 Steam Cards!!!! Requirements : $5.00 Donation gets you 1 ticket if you donate more you get more tickets. Minimum participates - 20 We are giving this away Saturday the 15th of October on the stars and stripes live twitch stream. Good Luck!!!!
  10. Trunkz Jr

    $50.00 Steam Card Raffle!!!!

    Ladies and Gents Lets do a RAFFLE!!!!!!! $50.00 Steam Card Raffle Requirements : $5.00 Donation gets you 1 ticket if you donate more you get more tickets. Minimum participates - 10 Lets give this away in 2 Weeks so DONATE!!!!

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