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Found 9 results

  1. CA8OOS3

    Count to 10,000

    Lets play a game. Count to 10,000 but the rules are you must use an image for the number ( funny or whatever) and you cannot post consecutively. Ill start
  2. sai10


    any fifa gamers here?? and also any fifa online 3 gamers here? cause I too a fifa gamer I used to fifa online 3 tooo
  3. Frenchie

    The UWS Conspiracy

    Upon joining UWS, I began to notice something... fishy. A PC clan, that highlights the word WE and the letter U in its name. WE and U?... WE U... Wii U! UWS IS ACTUALLY A CLOSET WII U CLAN I KNEW IT
  4. ComboDombo

    Welcome ComboDombo

    Hello all =UWS= members! With the utmost respect, I am glad to announce I've been accepted as a Trial Member for the United We Stand gaming community. I would like to shed some light on who I am and what I do so everyone can get to know me so you're not afraid to approach me on TeamSpeak which I plan to become very active in. My name is Joey but everyone and their mothers calls me Combi. This is a nickname for ComboDombo as I am a YouTuber with 25k subscriber and 3.4 million total views. Before I talk about myself Id like to talk about my YouTube journey as it is something I hold dear to my heart. I started playing and recording minecraft in 2012 as a hobby after school. After playing with strategy in the Hardcore Factions community I quickly became known and popular for beating enemy factions(Teams) merely by myself or with my own personal faction "WhiteCapes". I'd record my epic fights with other big youtubers and before my eyes I saw people call me "God, Best player, and even HACKER!". My channel soared in followers and my fan base grew way more than I had anticipated. However, with young age came my immaturity and social letdowns. I would sell part of my channel for equity deals and I started to cash out once I saw the money being thrown in my face. Way back then, I was 14/15 making almost as much money as my parents. It seemed to good to be true, and it was because people started labeling me as a sellout only recording for big servers who paid me off. What was once such a personal hobby to me had now become a public disgrace and my name became an easy target for false accusations and turmoil. This was a huge life lesson for me because I got what I deserved. I will never put a price on personal inquiries ever again because I was devastated when I saw my views drop from 5,000 + a video to a measly 1,000 views a video. So, I moved on to cs:go from minecraft where I also got a TON of exposure. I climbed cs:go rank until I was Global Elite. I started playing ESEA and playing with professionals where someone by the name of hiKo (Yes the famous streamer) Urged me to go pro after a small conversation we had in game. (He saw me clutch 2 rounds back2back). I took up his advice and tried out for a CEVO team. I got in and we were undefeated all the way into CEVO MAIN where I held one of the best Win ratios for that specific season. In minecraft I played with kids my age who were extremely immature (To be expected in such a community), but in cs:go my team didnt accept such attitude as our plays had to be coordinated with care. I didnt dare act out once, and it turned out to be amazing because none took me to be a clown. I have honed my social skills, and I am no longer a childish individual who picks money over loyalty. Since then though, I've taken a break from cs:go to. I tried streaming on twitch where I am 3,000 followers to and it just didnt work out for me. This is the gyazo image of my team's official match record and my Kills/Deaths: https://gyazo.com/4a34820a3dab4127225db4b68b926fc7 Moving on from MC & Cs:gO, I am currently top 2,000 players in pubG duos with my highest ELO/Rating being 2018 (Ironic right, LOL) I took my existing skills that I captured from other games throughout the years and implemented them into pubg. Now, my friend requests on steam are getting to excessive to even accept. I have started to record pubG and so far I have close to 8 wins that I can edit and upload to my channel. All with exceptionally high kills in an exceptionally high ELO matchups. This new profound exposure that I am currently receiving in pubG is exactly the same type of exposure I had previously in other successful games. However, I need YOUR help to make this big. I am in no way shape or form manipulating this group for views, but rather offering the community to play with me as I record gameplay. Shouting out members who help me grow my reputation in this new environment which I view as "Optimistic" along the way. I am such an easy going person and I'm friendly to everyone whose friendly to me. The reason why I am so excited is that this group (=UWS=) is known for its comradery even in video games. This is what I had on minecraft which enabled my channel to flourish in the first place. If you guys see the vision I have and share my passion, I urge you to say Hi if you see me in the TS. I will always create or hold a conversation with you. The reason I applied to =UWS= Ill keep this one short and to the point. You guys are badass :) Traumatic Event? Ok, so you guys know about me and my channel but Id also like to share something that happened to me recently. This story is horrific and I do not open up about this often. However due to the circumstances here I feel as If I should. I really want to join this community because I know you guys are a band of brothers who DO NOT judge others for their IRL endeavors. On the night of August 4th 2016 the worse and most horrific experience of my life which took place at 10:13 pm. I wont go into to much detail as I suffer from flashbacks daily. However, I witnessed a motorcycle traveling 110mph in a 25mph zone hit my friends car head on. Unfortunately, this was right infront of my house and I witnessed it because my friends (who were hit) were on their way to pick me up to hang out. I was on my front porch when the accident occurred and I saw the chaotic aftermath. I called my family inside to call local authorities which came within 5 minutes. I checked my friends who were bloodied in the car and extracted them to a safe location which was about 6 feet to a nearby tree. I then looked around for the motorcyclist and saw him laying their unconscious trying to breathe and saw some of his body parts in the street. He was airlifted to the hospital but passed away the following morning. My friends and I have since made a full recovery physically, but I still suffer emotionally from time to time. I am only saying this because It is something I want to open up about now so none has to find out any other way later. If you guys ever want to talk to me about things that are traumatic because you feel as if none understands, just know I am here for you and I can and will relate if it helps any recovery process. Thanks for reading this that is all. With all this being said I feel as if I opened up the first day very generously. I never put stuff like this out for public eyes to see but sometimes it helps. This was a courageous step for me and I urge my fellow UWS trial members, members, moderators, and admins to take it receive it with compassion. I am here for everyone and I hope you are for me. Now lets play some games and shred it up! If you would like to reach me I am available via social media here: Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/combuhdombuh Twitter: https://twitter.com/CombuhDombuh Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/combidombi/ I appreciate everyones comments and hospitality! United We Stand Gaming Community 2003-2017 Wish to become a =UWS= Member? Press HERE to fill out an application Please join the Teamspeak when gaming: ts.uwsgaming.com <-- click there to join it or click here to download it --> Teamspeak 3
  5. dragonslayer0531

    Whenever I play PUBG

    My entire experience in PUBG.
  6. SmoothGamer714

    Add me for PUBG matches

    Looking for players to play PUBG with. my steam name is smoothgamer714 anyone and everyone welcome

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