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  2. frycrowbar

    Welcome frycrowbar

    Hello! My name is frycrowbar, I'm new to the community so thanks for having me here. Hopefully I will reply back with further info about myself United We Stand Gaming Community 2003-2018 Wish to become a =UWS= Member? Press HERE to fill out an application Please join the Teamspeak when gaming: ts.uwsgaming.com click there to Join it or click here to Download it Teamspeak 3
  3. MasterBob13254


    same here
  4. ranchitup

    Welcome New Member: Shum_hitman

    Welcome to UWS! @Shum_hitman
  5. Today
  6. theman265


    I am open to any ideas just let me know.
  7. Yesterday
  8. BigSchtick

    Farming Crafting Materials

    Farming for Mats in the DZ is extremely fast as each faction drops specific materials, and every one of them drops it. Hyenas = Electronics and PolyCarbonates Outcasts = Titanium and Ceramics True Sons = Carbon Fibre and Steel Not sure if Black Tusks drop a specific of anything, will update post when I figure it out. Hope that makes things faster
  9. Kragar


    Atlas prime is next with dethcube prime
  10. BigSchtick

    Division 2 active and new members.

    Greetings all! New member here. I sent you a friend request @AgentSerro I also attempted to join the UWS Gaming in game but it is currently full. Very active player here, excited to run with you all!
  11. BigSchtick

    Welcome New Member: BigSchtick

    Thanks for the Warm Welcome I believe I have the UUID thing set up and will hop in TS shortly. I did not have much time to put much about me in the application so here goes. I live in Idaho, married going on 27 years. have 3 daughters (and the grey hairs that came from them LoL ), 2 G-sons and 1 G-daughter. I am 50 years young, Med Retired Military of 16 years, did some time in the sand. Avid gamer most of my life and build my own systems, I tend to have a Lot of gaming time and am looking forward to grouping for whatever in Div2. I have some catching up to do as my wife is a teacher and off for the summer we spent a bunch of time digging crystals in Montana and such. I am Excited to be here, and am also Excited about all the new content and changes that have dropped and are still coming and experiencing them along side some chill, fun folks!
  12. Kokocatrice

    EFT Roll Call

    Username UWS-Skys0. Looking for afternoon and/or night/latenight(sometime day)raid. UTC/GMT -5 hours , current UTC/GMT -4 hours most days of the week. Thanks!
  13. rustyneedle_uk


    hi we have no password and the server ts.uwsgaming.com or click the link below once ts3 is installed https://tinyurl.com/ybko6m2q
  14. Sergacuse

    Mesa Prime Set Raffle Giveaway! Sign up Here

  15. Kokocatrice

    Welcome New Member: Kokocatrice

    Thanks for the welcome everyone! I suppose I just enter teamspeak and wait for teams??(UUID set )
  16. QuickStrike

    UWS Officially Sponsored by Teamspeak

    @Shum_hitman On teamspeak, go to Connections -> Connect. A Connect window will appear. Enter 'ts.uwsgaming.com' in the textbox titled Server Nickname or Address. Then enter your game name in the Nickname textbox. Then click the Connect button.
  17. İf anyone want to download Revo Uninstaller to full , you can download full here.. ; https://dosya.co/9cl84sm1elhh/Revo_Uninstaller_Pro_4.0.0.rar.html Rar Key : PUBG
  18. Book


    There is commitment, as verbally discussed via teamspeak. We're looking to settle on a date - it'll likely be at the beginning of October.
  19. AgentSerro

    Count to 10,000

  20. AgentSerro

    Welcome New Member: Shum_hitman

    @Shum_hitman Welcome to the family! UWS is an awesome group to be part of so please make yourself right at home, have fun and ask any questions at any time. You will always be able to find someone that can help you here on the forums and/or on TeamSpeak with getting settled in here at UWS. Please don't forget to set up your UUID for TeamSpeak before joining the UWS server on TeamSpeak. ***Some helpful links for you*** All About UWS UWS Rules UWS History UWS Steam Group If your having troubles with doing the UUID for TeamSpeak It's great to have you with us and remember... ask questions and have fun
  21. HornyHornet


    Until we get people to commit to this very simple event there is no point in doing anything more.
  22. SecretSquirrel43

    Welcome New Member: Shum_hitman

    Please welcome our newest Trial member Shum_hitman aka Shum_hitman to the community. Shum_hitman will be joining us for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUND so please help guide them to the correct channel on TS and invite them to play. Here is a little info from Shum_hitman: @Shum_hitman
  23. Kentra

    Mesa Prime Set Raffle Giveaway! Sign up Here

    And i'll once again go with 91 Don't let me down.
  24. Luke__

    Welcome New Member: Luke__

    Wow thanks guys everyone seems so welcoming! I think this is definitly the group ive been looking for and i can't wait to get more involved!
  25. Shum_hitman


    UWS what the server I'd and password on Teamspeak
  26. Lionkiller73

    Welcome New Member: Luke__

    Welcome to UWS!!
  27. Shum_hitman

    UWS Officially Sponsored by Teamspeak

    I already have team speak but how do I join UWS server on TS
  28. Lionkiller73

    Welcome New Member: MattyAlin

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