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  2. Map Keys and You!

    As already seen below. This key opens a power substation (cabin) just adjacent to the shopping center. In it is a green wooden loot crate, and a black loot box. Found in locker within machinery room on Factory.
  3. Welcome mgb20092010

  4. Welcome CooledOhio

  5. Welcome Saizyn

  6. Welcome Cheesemon

  7. Welcome Condor103

  8. Welcome Paddy1096

  9. Welcome Rooster88

  10. Welcome Feary

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  12. Today
  13. Welcome Feary

    Welcome Welcome
  14. Map Keys and You!

    Thanks @Paddy1096 for the find and @Feary for the location! Let us know if either of you get inside. Sorry about that. Editing in the middle of raids probably isn't the best practice....
  15. Whats the deal?

    The game is in development. By buying a ship you are supporting development. I would say at this point that if your motivation is anything beyond that, you may find yourself disappointed. That being said, I feel there is a good amount you can do, even now. There are planets to land on, quite a few ships in game, small missions, etc. I haven't been keeping up with development a ton, so someone like @Preacher could likely chime in to add more.
  16. OPTics17 - Citizen Registration

    I've added your information to our database. The ships added include a Caterpillar and an Avenger Stalker. Let me know if these are incorrect.
  17. RedxDot - Citizen Registration

    I am assuming you edited the original file, trying to rectify the issue. Unfortunately, I don't believe you've followed the guide properly. I can only use HTML files to get the information, so you'll have to look at the guide again to see how you can do that.
  18. Multiple sub-channels for CS:GO

    Im down for some CSGO; Good Game, just needs more people around here for it
  19. Welcome Feary

    Welcome to the clan! Hope to see you around TS! What games do you play?
  20. Welcome Rooster88

    Welcome to the clan! Hope to see you around TS! What games do you play?
  21. Welcome Paddy1096

    Welcome to the clan! Hope to see you around TS! What games do you play?
  22. Welcome Rooster88

    Welcome to UWS @Rooster88, have fun and happy hunting
  23. Map Keys and You!

    That's fine, but you somehow replaced IDEA entrance with OLI entrance for the pharmacy when quoting me.
  24. Welcome Elusive

    Jesus this scared the crap out of me, I thought I had been hacked as I've never had a forum make an introduction post for me. My name is Rich, I'm British, I mainly play Blade & Soul competitively, Overwatch, and the occasional game of PUBG, I'm currently looking forward to the release of MapleStory 2; I did play DayZ Standalone in the past, now not so much. Nice to meet you all!
  25. Delays, Cancellations, & No Shows

    @BuddhaHippie @Dusty_Vance41288 @RoteTeufel @M3NTL everyone gonna be on tonight?
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