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Need credits?
Fear not! With the double credit weekend, we'll be running the Index for the whole weekend! Get 1 million credits / run when you join our credit runs these 2 days. 

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👑Apex Legends Iron Crown Event👑
NOW until AUGUST 26TH 12:00 AM PST
(Winner announced later in the day)

With the Iron Crown event currently underway and the trial of a Solos Playlist, I figured now would be a good time to get a tournament going to test the waters for future events. Since there are currently no private matches, we'll have to resort to using a points-based system. I want to figure out a point system that everyone thinks is fair before I dip into the Apex Prizepool, so this tournament will be more of a test, with the participants receiving Kudos/EXP, as well as the Event Champion award for the winner.
1st Place
Event Champion Award + 3 Kudos/ 60 EXP + Participation
2nd Place:
2 Kudos / 40 EXP + Participation
3rd Place:
1 Kudos / 20 EXP + Participation
2 Kudos / 40 EXP
❓How to Play❓
Download Apex Legends (Free to Play)
Que into the Solos Playlist NOW until AUGUST 26th @ 12:00 AM PST
After your games, screenshot your endgame statistics (either your own or your full teams, il add examples soon)
Anytime until AUGUST 26th @ 12:00 AM PST, submit 10 of the screenshots from your best games via PMing me
At the end of the tournament, I'll add up everyones points via the point system, and determine the winners.
💰Point System💰
CHAMPION: 9 Points
2ND PLACE: 7 Points
3RD PLACE: 5 Points
4TH PLACE: 3 Points
5TH PLACE: 2 Point
1 KILL: 1 Point (Maximum 6 Points per Game)
EVERY 250DMG: .25 Points
1. All Community Rules Apply
2. Must be Trial Member or above~
3. Submitted matches MUST take place in the Solos Playlist
4. Submitted screenshots MUST look like THIS or THIS (either your entire teams' statistics or your own, will add pictures)
5. Must submit screenshots by AUGUST 26th @ 12:00 AM PST via PMing me
If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask here to PM me. As I said, this is more of a trial before we dip into the Apex prize pool, so if this goes well we'll get some events with cash prizes going. After the event I'll post another thread for feedback and ideas. Ideally Respawn will release Custom/Private matches so this will be easier and more involved, however until then, this is really the only way to do it.

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Just a friendly meet up and play of squad.
The Game is Better decent squads to work together with.
So Meet in squad section. We will select a new York based server to get the best middle ground ping.
If we get a decent interest we will look to do this once a month. or more depending

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  • Maverick V6
  • Macca

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