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Found 5 results

  1. Frenchie

    Details Not Shown in Reveal

    So JackFrags just recently released a video where he went over some different behind the scenes details that hadn't shown in the reveal, or quite elaborated on, and needless to say, my body is ready.
  2. Frost Ogre Gaming

    New YouTube Channel

    Hey everybody! I started my own YouTube Gaming channel and I’d love to get any feedback from y’all. I take criticism well so hit me with what ya got. It’s a work in progress but lots of fun. Thanks bunches :-) Below is the link. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCweRruAxkENCyxbdUKwFEQg
  3. Montoya_

    Montoya™ | YT

    Hey there, I'm just your average YouTube content creator. I thought I'd share a recent Rocket League Montage video with the UWS Community. I would gladly appreciate any feedback or constructive criticism on my video since I am not very familiar with editing or creating videos. I currently plan on focusing my content on Rocket League but will soon begin to post new game content. I want to post some Micreated content but first I must grind in-game to get blueprints to build a base. Anyhow, the video can be viewed at 4K for your viewing pleasure and I hope you enjoy the video! —Montoya™
  4. CA8OOS3

    Video Requests

    Ive decided that I will be do requests for fun videos. You pick an item, I find it and run it the entire match and see if i can win! easy peasy so start off with something fun and exciting!!!

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