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Found 8 results

  1. SeondFallen

    On the Off Chance

    SO I posted a topic a few weeks ago on trying the open week trial and was curious about something. If say I decided to get a pack, which I assume allows me to play, which should I get? The Mustang or the Aurora?
  2. SeondFallen

    Gave the free trial a go

    Gave the free trial I saw in forums posted a go and well, I enjoyed it for the most part. Immense scale, and interesting design. I have been following Star Citizen for about a year now, watching its progress and decided to jump on the free trial. I understand it is still in Alpha, and that is why I can kind of forgive the constant crashes. Tried for two days to make it to a planets surface to pick up a shipment, first go round crashed while landing, (crashed as in game crashed) second time I made it to surface and was in the process of picking up the shipment when it crashed again. Third time supposed to be the charm but got caught up in a really neat fight with two others above the planet, myself and a friendly and an outlaw I believe. Really enjoyed the dogfight up till as I was trying to do a point strafing run over the outlaw my game crashed again. So in conclusion, I will be giving the game a little while longer before I invest in it. I really do hope they can pull it off and make it more stable. I will be checking back for updates on stability as time goes on, and will still follow the development. Hopefully one day I can justify the investment and make the purchase.
  3. MasterReach

    Star Citizen 3.0

    Just downloaded the newest update for Star Citizen and was wondering If it was worth going in and checking it out then if so would anyone be willing to join up with me? I have very little experience with these type's of games especially the flight controls and would like to get some practice in and get more used to everything in the game.
  4. TripleFrequency

    New Ship: Pioneer

    A new ship has become available for pre-purchase (if you have access)! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/16199-Consolidated-Outland-Pioneer-Presale If not, here is some info: Modular base construction has been confirmed 2,000 currently for sale at $750 cash (warbond edition, meaning it will cost more with store credit in the future) Here's some info from the devs, as well: A lot of info in this post came from reddit.
  5. rifledude

    Capital Ship Porn

    If anybody had any doubt about CIG being able to pull of capital class vessels, this should shut them up. Each of these vessels now have been through several redesigns, and it looks like CIG is ready to show off what they have created. As a Sci-Fi junkie, these ships are perfect. Every detail is nailed, and each design looks perfected from when we seen these designs from years back. They've clearly took inspiration from all the biggest sci-fi because there are elements of all them present.
  6. TripleFrequency

    Guide to Registering!

    PLEASE GET THIS CHROME EXTENSION BEFORE STARTING. The extension isn't absolutely necessary, but it makes things cleaner, nicer, and I think you will find it to be quite useful (especially if you have a big hangar). After installing the extension, go to your hangar page, and set the sorting to "All Ships" with the number per page being "Display All": Afterwards, simply right click on the page, click save as, and save the page as an HTML only file: Once you have the file, please CREATE A NEW POST inside the Citizen Registration Sub-Forum with the title as "[YOUR RSI HANDLE] - Citizen Registration": PLEASE INCLUDE THE HTML FILE NAMED ("[YOUR FORUM NAME] - [YOUR RSI HANDLE] - Hangar.html") AND A LINK TO YOUR RSI PROFILE, WHICH WILL LOOK LIKE THIS: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/citizens/TripleFrequency. It is no longer NECESSARY to include a link to your Roberts Space Industries account page, as I can now automatically gather the information, assuming you send the proper hangar file. If you have any buybacks, please also include an html file (this time a complete page file) of your buyback pledges page, named "[YOUR FORUM NAME] - [YOUR RSI HANDLE] - Buyback.html" Here is an example registration post: After that, you're all set! Your hangar will be added to the database and your ships will be added to the fleet image: On top of that, you will be put into the "Citizen" group on the forum, giving you access to the Citizen Private forum. IF YOU RECEIVE OR BUY A SHIP LET US KNOW BY REPLYING TO YOUR OWN POST WITH AN IMAGE OF THE PACKAGE. You may also simply re-upload an updated hangar html file as you did before if you find it easier. You can take a snapshot with the Snipping Tool in Windows. If you do not have the aforementioned extension, then you will also need to provide the Pledge ID from your hangar log. When upgrading a ship, you can simply provide the RSI package ID (either from the extension or your hangar log) and the ship you upgraded/downgraded to. IF YOU SELL, MELT, OR GIFT A SHIP, PLEASE REPLY TO YOUR OWN POST WITH THE PLEDGE ID OF THE SHIP, NOTING THE CHANGES. If you are unable to get the extension for any reason, then please be sure to send any files pertaining to the ships you own, and it will still be sorted. Don't hesitate to ask about anything, and don't worry if your submission doesn't perfectly fit this criteria. Feel free to leave any feedback, suggestions, etc. about any part of this process down below. - TripleFrequency
  7. TripleFrequency

    RSI Polaris Pre-Sale!

    You can purchase the Polaris right now for $125 off ($625 cost), no store credit allowed. The sale is for Subscribers, VIPs, and CitizenCon Attendees. Here are some of the concept images: You can see that it is 155 meters in length, with 13 to 24 crew. For anyone who can't view the page:
  8. TripleFrequency

    CitizenCon 2016 Summary

    So, as most of you know, CitizenCon 2946 was yesterday, the 9th, and it was quite a lengthy presentation. In-case you missed anything, here is a brief-ish summary: Introduction: 2 fans of the game have both brought in 1,042 referrals, and therefore were granted access to the Million Mile High Club. The history of the Star Citizen development is outlined. The current staff count working on the game is 363, with 54 in their Austin office, 64 in Los Angeles, 54 in Frankfurt, and 191 in Manchester. Chris Roberts goes for a Shia Labeouf (Pronounced "Laboof" by CR) "Just do it!" Spectrum: Spectrum is a built-in system like a forum system, VOIP (which works roughly like Slack or Discord), organizations, inventories, and the issue council, all put together, A.K.A. "Spacebook." Includes different thread types: Classic, Q&A, and Live threads. Forum is fully real-time, giving live notifications as things happen. The system is per-organization (namespaced) Has a web application, desktop application (the launcher), and a mobile app to come later (almost like battlelog). It works with the game by including your friends/contacts, notifications in game, an in-game overlay, party management, lobbies based on your location in the universe, and a way to communicate in and out of the universe. You can have both Spectrum and chat going at the same time in game. Planned to be out in a few weeks. Shows the following roadmap: In a few weeks: Forums and Chat Notifications Private Messaging Friends Soon™: Game Presence Better Organization Customization 6-8 Weeks out: Launcher integration Overlay in-game Voice support Mobile app Polaris Concept Sale: UEE Militia Mobilization Initiative: Authorizes the sale of military ships being sold to citizens, starting with the Polaris. Also includes several other ships/packages: RSI Polaris - LTI: $750 USD (coupon "BUYWARBONDS" removes $50 for subscribers) Fighter Guard F7C-M Super Hornet and Sabre for sale. Fighter Squadron Pack costs $350 USD (save $75) F7C-M Super Hornet Aegis Sabre Gladius Bomber Unit Retaliator Bomber and Freelancer MIS for sale. Bomber Squadron Pack costs $500 USD (save $105) Gladius Retaliator Bomber Freelancer MIS Support Ships Flotilla Starfarer Gemini and Anvil Crucible for sale. Support Ship Pack for $650 USD (save $190) Avenger Titan F7C-R Hornet Tracker Starfarer Anvil Crucible Aggressor Patrol Drake Buccaneer and Dragonfly Black for sale. Aggressor Pack for $225 USD (Save $55) Cutlass Black, Drake Buccaneer, and 2x Dragonfly Black included in . Carrier Air Wing Combo - Carrier Air Wing costs $1,450 USD (save $330): F7C-M Super Hornet Gladius Aegis Sabre Gladiator Retaliator Bomber Freelancer MIS Polaris Includes Lifetime Insurance Aegis Dynamics Task Force Aegis War Pack costs $2,100 (Save $515) Avenger Warlock Avenger Titan Avenger Stalker Gladius Reclaimer Redeemer Aegis Sabre Vanguard Sentinel Vanguard Harbinger Starfarer Gemini Aegis Vanguard Warden Retaliator Bomber Retaliator Base Includes Lifetime Insurance Squadron 42: From a slide in the presentation: 28 Chapters equating to 60+ missions A-list cast to match that of a movie 340 speaking roles with state of the art facial scanning and motion capture. 20+ hours of performance capture Story arc with 1255 pages of dialogue 40 distinct ships from fighters to dreadnoughts Hand-crafted environments enhanced with procedural tech Systemic space and FPS gameplay - from stealth to brute force. Dogfighting in both space and planetary atmosphere Subsumption AI - fully systemic, 24-hr schedules, 1000+ subroutines, simultaneous secondary objectives Shia Labeouf is quoted again, "Just do it" Primary Tech Hurdles Most base technology completed Still in Progress: Subsumption Pathfinding Logic Full Animation Integration Improved Combat Logic Mission System Integration Enhanced Flight AI Object Container Streaming CPU and GPU Optimizations Status Update All chapters and gameplay features are at grey-box or better Taking one chapter to final shipping quality - flushes out any technical, integration, and polish issues. Building Technology and Systems for the long term and the whole SC universe A demo was not shown at CitizenCon as was previously hinted at, apparently due to a few animations not being fully polished. We all know how perfect CR wants this to be, and while I would have been more than happy to see it with just a few messed up animations, I understand where this is coming from. Squadron 42 will not be out this year 2.6 Progress Report: Gameplay Updates More Star Marine Features Updated Arena Commander More content in Crusader Lobby and Leaderboards refactored Flight model rebalance Core Tech New music logic system Camera updated for 3rd person 'Stay in game' without going back to lobby Arena Commander New Virtual Ship customization interface New Pirate Swarm arena Persistent Missiles (remain after you die if they are still flying) Reload from pickups dropped by kills Full scoring rebalance Most ships are available for use in Private Matches Star Marine New Locations "Station Damien" - 4v4 "Echo Eleven" - 12v12 Game Modes Deathmatch Control New Content New Armor, Weapons, and Grenades Tactical Visor (with Radar) Friendly player identification Looting System implemented Achievements and Ribbons 3.X to 4.0 Roadmaps: 3.0: The Stanton System Basic Professions Trading Cargo Transport Piracy and Smuggling Mercenary Bounty Hunter Stanton System Roll Out New Ships RSI Ursa Rover Drake Dragonfly Drake Caterpillar RSI Constellation Aquila 3.1: Mining and Refining Mining Refining and Processing Quantum Interdiction Refueling Escort Additional Solar System Locations New Ships Drake Cutlass Red and Blue MISC Hull C MISC Prospector Origin 85x 3.2: Repair and Salvage Salvage Repair Mercenary - Covert Operations Additional Solar System Locations New Ships RSI Constellation Taurus RSI Constellation Phoenix Anvil Terrapin AEGIS Vanguard Harbinger AEGIS Vanguard Sentinel AEGIS Reclaimer 3.3: Farming and Rescue (Planet-side) Farming Rescue Additional Solar System Locations New Ships Anvil Carrack 890 Jump Banu Merchantman MISC Reliant - All Variants 4.0: Jump Points Travel to multiple Star Systems Exploration and Discovery Science and Research Additional Solar System Locations New Ships RSI Orion Anvil Crucible Procedural Planets V2: Tools and Technology Completely new terrain system for SC Seamlessly supports spherical terrain at a planetary scale Run time generation Unrestricted view distance Artist driven and procedurally enhanced ecosystems Handcrafted missions supplemented by algorithmic content Homestead Demo Very acceptable performance overall, consistently sitting at 100+ above the planet, and around 70 while on the planet. Oceans and snowy hills, trees, short grass in some places. Stream went down a couple times, and the game only appeared to run into a somewhat large glitch at the end. Constellation Aquila shown coming in to land on a planet, passing a mountain top where an NPC shouts "Hello CitizenCon!" After coming in towards the surface there is an "unsafe atmosphere" warning which forces the pilot to land to travel on ground instead of flying. The pilot lands at a small base, and takes the Ursa Rover out to begin the mission, going to a distress beacon which he picked up on. After driving on the surface for a while, he comes across some cliffsides and a "cutscene" of sorts starts, showing what appear to be sand nomads. After he continues driving, the rover hits an IED, disabling the vehicle, and forcing the driver to exit and fight the nomads. After defeating the nomads and walking for a short while, he comes across a Javelin escape pod, where he syncs his MobiGlas, giving him more location information. The character then comes across an empty encampment of the sand nomads, where he steals one of the dragonflies they have. On the way to the next location, some trees and low grass are shown in the environment, and a sandstorm is seen far off in the distance. After coming across a Javelin engine and quickly looking around, the character gets back on the dragonfly, and comes up on the Javelin, which has been sitting long enough to have had several sand nomads take over the vessel and make it into a base of sorts. The character then snipes a nomad patrolling out on the Javelin's wing, and he continues up onto the ship and eventually to the bridge, taking out a few nomads on the way. Once getting to the bridge, the sandstorm hits, and the mission continues as the character pushes through to the rear of the ship, taking out more nomads. After walking through an area that was once an engine, the character gets to the back of the ship, where a group of nomads on dragonflies are seen. Suddenly, as the nomads approach, a giant sand worm smashes out of the ground, causing many of the dragonflies to explode, then looking over towards the pilot with its several row of teeth showing. Here is where a small bug occurs and the sand worm disappears, but it is minor, and the demo finishes with the camera quickly zooming out into space, showing the star citizen logo. Tech Demo Sean Tracey shows off how the editor works by going to a planet in the editor, messing about with the terrain, and even making a very small base out near the water. The fact that the whole thing is seamless is also showed as they fly around part of the planet very quickly. After placing a Gladius out on the little pad they created, Simon, the dev doing the designing as the tech demo goes on, flies around the planet some, then flies off to another planet. This other planet has a different color scheme entirely, coming off as more foggy and dark, and Simon flies down to a mining colony, where he runs into another ship (piloted by Mark Hamill's character), which he follows back to an Idris out in space, where the screen fades to black and the demo ends. Closing: CitizenCon 2017 announced to be in Frankfurt All staff come on stage and Chris attempts to lead them in singing Happy Birthday Shia LaBeouf is quoted again Presentation wraps up, and the stream ends. So, what did you think of CitizenCon 2016? Also, sorry this took so long, I had classes all day so it really slowed it down.

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