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Found 4 results

  1. AceAyato

    Wanna play?

    Hello everyone! Im looking for people to play Siege, Casual/Ranked. No matter how many hours u have or what is your rank. Mine: Gold III ( Blood Orchid G3, White Noise G1, Chimera G1), 136lvl over 500h. Im playing Siege daily. UPlay: Ace_ZeroTwo Steam: AceAyato #MaHairGreen
  2. RAINBOW 6 SIEGE VIDEO EVENT SUN 15th 20:00PM EST / 12AM GMT R6 event to get some good clips of us in game in BEAST mode! SUN 15th April 20:00PM EST / 12am GMT Anyone who video captures is always helpfu. I know @Red.Dot does. Reply on here or let me know on teamspeak. I know its short notice but im sure we can get at least a full squad All videos and Screen shots will be uploaded to our forums! A CHANCE TO EARN OUR EVENT AWARD!!! SMILE FOR THE CAMERA!!
  3. Bowmn_Gaming

    Clan Matches/Scrimmages

    Hey guys! I have a couple of clans I think we should scrimmage, our best vs. their best. It seems like none of the captains are really moving forward with things, or at least the other member I am working with said you guys were not interested. If you think we could scrimmage or maybe even setup for some money, of which would go DIRECTLY to the clan, let me know and I will associate with others. We have some clans set up, it's just between captains to get stuff setup between the clans.
  4. ProphetBeal

    Rainbow Six Siege Free Weekend

    This weekend is a free play weekend on Steam for Siege! (and 50% off the game) http://store.steampowered.com/app/359550/

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