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Found 2 results

  1. Excal1bur


    Changelog of hotfix Fixes of the Interchange location Fixed Object reference error Fixed Mag Drills skill progress Fixed Mag Drills skill bonus Adjusted damage absorption of armor while using tactical vests with armor plates Fixed ammo counter display upon check of remaining ammo Fixed loyalty level display. Now correct level of loyalty is reflected for items that are unlocked during quests EOTECH sights’ reticles now have no “noise” effect Correct fire lighting at the Interchange location Jumps are not counted for Strength skill upgrade Strength skill bonuses reduced 25% Fixed visual hyper lighting at spawn at the Interchange location The rain sound indoors at the Interchange is now more quiet Shoreline swamp spawn is moved to a safer place Customs spawn at the accommodation unit by the fuel storage is moved to a safer place Spawn adjustments at the Interchange location Face hit box corrected according to community feedback Fixed bug that allowed to remove negative limp effect by reentering the raid Now all open container windows are closed when switching between tabs Fixed notification about amount of cash required at the paid exit zone of the evacuation was already paid for Unrealistic scav behavior is fixed
  2. Sp3cOps

    EA Patch Note 16

    System & Content Bullet Purchase Pop-up Menu UI Improvement Improved the design of charge and renew buttons on the Bullet section (below your name card) The Bullet purchase pop-up menu will appear by clicking anywhere on the Bullet section When Bullet is on sale or special offer, a speech bubble icon will appear on the Bullet section for recognition - This icon will be automatically off after 1 minute or when clicking charge icon(+) Bullet at Special Price Bullet is now on special offer. - It's one-time-only offer per account - 1,200 Bullet ($9.99) for only $0.99 Battle B Match Mode & Event Removed Removed Battle B Match Mode in Quick Match Removed Happy Holidays & Season’s Greeting mission in Special Event - Its rewards (Happy Holiday Box) is no longer available as well Balance Increased the HP of Heli Support and Minigun’s burst speed for Command Class in Battle mode New Items [Medal Shop] AXMC - new sniper rifle (3,200 Medal / Permanent) Function Improvement Improved the stability of ping display on the game launcher Now you can see real-time ping on the launcher Bug Fix You can now change crosshair size for dot and circular type Fixing crosshair option is now available for circular type Corrected the flag of Georgia on its country name card [Note] We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and disappointment caused by this mistake to all Georgian players. Fixed the scoreboard being displayed as 10vs10 mode irregularly in Destruction Mode Fixed the intermittent bug where Europe server is selected by default on the game launcher You will receive ‘First day in clan’ Steam Achievement even if you are already in a clan Localization Fix [Chinese - Traditional & Simplified] When you're chatting with someone with Whisper function, their name will no longer be displayed as ‘%name’ When you are in East Asia server, the description of each channel will no longer be displayed as ‘\n’ [Portuguese, French, German, Spanish, Russian] The weapon description for MP7A1 and KRISS VECTOR will now be fully displayed [Portuguese, French, German, Spanish] Corrected the required number of matches to receive rewards from '5/8/10' to ‘1/5/10’ in Daily Mission [Russian] Corrected the required number of matches to receive rewards from ‘10’ to ‘6’ in Special Event

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