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Found 5 results

  1. Tanoa Server Changelog

    Changelog: + added - removed * updated (0.2) - Alpha ( Upcoming Release ) Adding InfiStar Admin Adding in Status Bar Adding in ZCP Adding in DMS Adding in VEMF (0.1) - Alpha ( Initial Release ) + Server Up and Running - Basic Exile Tanoa
  2. Arma 3 APEX DLC give away

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ATTENTION MEMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be giving away a STEAM copy of the APEX DLC from Arma 3. This drawing is open to full fledged clan members with copies of Arma 3 already. All you need to do is post a comment in this thread with your steam name, then friend request me via Steam so that I may see you already own Arma 3. I will randomly pick one person from those who posted in this thread and have friend requested me via STEAM. You must follow the directions otherwise you will not be entered into the drawing. I have to gift the APEX DLC via STEAM. I will pick the winner on December 10, 2016 8PM mountain time. You have up till 7PM mountain time that day to join. I will post the winner in this thread then gift them the copy. GOOD LUCK!
  3. Changelog: + added - removed * updated 1.6 ~Current *AntiHack update *Database optimization *DMS Mission crates now only appear once the mission is complete (No more free loot for people lifting them out). *ZCP Mission Crates now drop from the sky after mission completion *ZCP No longer spawns smoke screen around the area on Completion 1.5 +Mission prefetch is enabled for those using a3launcher, Should help with some server performance and client crashes on mission fetching. *Performance optimization *Antihack tweaks *Reverted Spawning groups *Fixed a certain vehicle glitch that would cause endless amount of money 1.4 -Removed roaming AI again script is broken in a few ways. *Tweaked AI behavior - They will flank again (Still need feedback on their skill) *Modified Spawning player groups - Should prevent people hijacking others Drones. (Please break any parties and remake them if the party was made prior to this date 29/11/2016.) 1.3 +Bounty system - Added new bounty system, Player can put a bounty on someones head. Killer gets 5% for the kill plus the respect percentage sent from the bounty. +Kill feed - New killfeed has been added to show Player kills, Distance and Weapon + Sights used. -VEMF - It appears town invasion and base attacks are broken currently and do not spawn any AI, We are investigating. *Updated Missions, Traders to include RHS and NIarms content. *Added new ammo types for rearming RHS vehicles. NOTE: Please note some vehicles stored in VG will miss secondary etc Ammo types ones fetched from VG. There is no fix for that only option is rearming them everytime. 1.2 +Heli crashes ala DayZ -Roaming AI - All roaming AI has been removed as it dramatically decreases server FPS. (Server went down from 60FPS to 2.5 FPS during roaming AI sessions) *Rearming - More rearming tweaks on certain vehicles. (More we probably missed, Keep reporting those). 1.1.2 +Roaming AI (experimental) +Roaming Vehicles (Experimental) +Random loot crates with Guards -Removed gas stations and rearm pads from Safezones. (Players should risk rearming and Refueling), Planes are towable so you can get them to rearm by towing them around OR by landing on North airfield. -Enchanced movement keys - Temporarily fully removed keys too, People were abusing it to get in places not meant to be causing other players that didnt have it to question the legitimacy of certain raids. 1.1.1c -Players cannot refuel for free Anymore 20poptabs per L 1.1.1b *Tweaks on Rearm costs on missing items 1.1.1 *AI Tweaks, AI in higher difficulties is harder while lower difficulties is more dumb *AI difficulty scales by player Number *AI Has new response time values 1.1 -Old towing removed -Enchanced movement, Removed temporarily. Keys are still in you can use them at your own risk. +load objects and vehicles into other objects +new towing system with animations (no more exploding vehicles by bushes on tow) *AI Tweaks for all missions, Should have less aimbotting AI occurances *Trader prices tweaked for most items, More to go. *Loot tweaks, Rare items in DMS and ZCP missions. *Mobile phones for breaching can only be found in ZCP and DMS missions. *High caliber sniper rifles can only be found as rare loot in mission boxes. *Rearm costs have been finalized - use the gas stations -Removed the ability from fuel trucks, rearm trucks and repair trucks to refuel, rearm and repair other vehicles. 1.0 Initial Release +Cup vehicles, weapons, uniforms +Towing / Lifting +Rearm, Repair, Refuel +Traders +VEMF - Town invasion no patrols +ZCP - Capture point +DMS - AI mission +Revive +Deployable vehicles +Custom Recipes +Parachute +Enchanced movement +Custom ranks +Initial trader prices +Initial rearm prices +XM8 +Virtual Garage +Stats bar +Hacking +Grinding +Anti theft
  4. Performance Build Help

    BE ADVISED THE FOLLOWING GUIDE WAS FOUND NOT WRITTEN BY ME Arma 3 Performance Build Installation Guide Can you give video if you have?
  5. Exile Server Graphic

    Made This tonight...keeping it simple

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