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Division 2 Epic Fails Event
(Funny screenshot event, entry and have a chance of winning prizes)

Epic Fails
Take a screen shot of your epic fail OR another UWS member and post it. I am looking for those funny epic fails that we all have and laugh about.
Keep in mind it can be a picture of yourself or another UWS member.
Take the screen shot and make it a meme, or add a caption, do your best to make use laugh!
Starting June 5th at noon and ending June 26th at midnight (pst)
Winners will be picked and announced on the weekend of June 27th/28th.
Must be UWS member to enter Division 1 or Division 2 Post your screenshot on the event post in the Division 2 forums or message me the screenshot and I will post it for you Will be checking date stamps on screenshots Will be checking to make sure its not a internet download Enter as many times as you want Feel free to make it into a meme or add a caption Make us laugh!  
Bonus Round:
All staff members of the UWS are now your prime target!
So now when you are grouped with a staff member keep that screenshot button at the ready!
The bonus round will be an addition prize I'm giving out to the funniest epic fail screenshot of a staff member!!!
Once again, winners will be able to pick from a very long list of awesome video games as their prizes!
Prizes are Steam keys given to you in a private message
Please see the list here---> https://forums.uwsgaming.com/topic/25601-epic-fails-june-event/?tab=comments#comment-119866
Any questions, comments or need any help with screen shots please don't hesitate to ask!!!
Will add the prizes up for grabs soon but once again I will be giving away tons of video games that can be redeemed on Steam
@CarnageINC- @AgentSerro @Lionkiller73 @The Division Players

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This event repeats every week on Sunday and Saturday forever

Weekly Dark hours and Iron Horse raid starting @ about 10am  Pacific Saturday and Sunday and then agian later in the day when enough  people are ready (shoot for 4pm Pac). Any questions contact Agent-Serro, Lionkiller73 or Carnage.

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