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The battlefield division is going to do throwback night every month on the first Saturday of each month after the community meeting starting in January 2019. Games will be either BF1 or BF4 to give us a break from BFV for a night, and remind everyone who still plays BF1 and BF4 that =UWS= dominates the battlefield.

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This event repeats every week on Sunday forever

League Play should be releasing for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 very soon!
We are starting one primary team as our main active competitive team for League Play and requirements to be met if playing on the primary team will be created shortly.

We will also have side teams for players who would like to play the ranked game mode more casually and not as competitive.
For people interested in practicing for League Play under the same rule-set (CWL rule-set), we will have competitive scrims starting at 6 PM EST on Sundays every weekend from now on. 
Since League Play is what many people are waiting for with Black Ops 4, this event will replace the "custom game events" that were hosted every Sunday due to the lack of players that have shown up for the past weeks where we were unable to host the "custom game events".
If you are not familiar with the CWL rule-set, take a look at the Call of Duty World League Handbook for specific rules for what is restricted in-game and the settings of the game mode:
I hope to see many of you there, I know a lot of you wanted a competitive mode to be released for Black Ops 4 👍



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This event repeats every week on Saturday forever

yolo swaggins saturday night session. stop on by to watch or join in!

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