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PUBG New Anti-Cheat really works!!

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Gotta love the new update!

Just got killed by a guy tracking and shooting through walls!! I'll try to upload a vid.

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its  PUBG Corp. they pretty much fuck up every time they promise something. they still cant estimate how long servers will be down for updates. as far as the anti-cheat, i wouldn't expect much. it will take time to record all the data and start actually banning people. cant stop them from buying new accounts and doing it again.

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There will always be hax for PUBG and other shooters. Right now in PUBG its systemic. More than 50% of games have hackers in them. 

Until the market for farming is gone, the market for hacks will stay, and thus the farming hackers will be here in droves.
If Blueballs doesnt care enough about the integrity of the game to shut down the market thats driving the farmers and thus the production of the hacks, or doesnt deside to quarantine the region thats producing 90% of the problem,  then its never getting better until the market naturally declines as players leave the game. Which will probably start happening rapidly in the next few "hack focused" patches that do nothing except give you a few days of breathing time before new undetected hacks are on the market again.

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