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PUBG Strat Roulette

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HI everyone,

Just looking to see if anyone would be up for a little fun to change it up a little.

Using PUBG Strat Roulette.

so to give you an idea of some of the strats that can pop up i will list some below.

Weapons: Any

Armor: Any

Medical: Bandages only

Special Rule: Cop Mode - you cannot shoot at someone until they have taken shots at you.


Weapons: 5.56 only

Armor: Any

Medical: Boosts only

Special Rule: Pick your Shots - you can not carry more then one mag for each weapon at a time.


there are many more combinations that can pop up take a look for yourself at pubg.stratroulette.io


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I don't think strat roulette would work well in PUBG, just given how the game works but then again it has be a long time since I played last

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