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PUBG Controls

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Here's a list of some controls you might not know about.I'm sure most of them you will know but there might be a couple here you might not know. Keep in mind everything is DEFAULT binds so if you rebound your keys, it may be different for you.

When rebinding keys, make sure all slots have been bound to a key in order to be able to APPLY settings.

  1. Hold right click and E or Q - changes the camera view for Right Click ADS
  2. Hold left click after shooting - Gun will stay scoped in so you can watch where your bullet lands
  3. X - Puts away all equipped items
  4. Hold SHIFT - Hold breath when scoped, will also zoom in slightly if you are not scoped
  5. CTRL + Right click or drag - Split items
  6. = is Autorun
  7. Right-click tap brings out Iron sights/ADS
  8. Holding right click will zoom in aim
  9. Looking down with your mouse while swimming will take you deeper. You can also use crouch (C) to dive and jump (Space) to rise in water.
  10. Looking straight down with your mouse and pressing W while parachuting will help you get to max speed. This way your parachute will deploy lower and you will lose less speed when it is deployed.
  11. 7,8,9,0 are the default keybindings for medical and boost items.
  12. You can switch between different types of grenades by pressing 5 multiple times
  13. CTRL + T - Voice chat mute/unmute
  14. CTRL + U - Toggle UI
  15. CTRL + M - Master volume mute/unmute
  16. CTRL + Y - Switch voice channel
  17. Ctrl + 1,2,3,4 = Move vehicle seating positions.
  18. Holding ALT while running or ADS will let you free look around your character
  19. Page Up / Page Down - Change zeroing parameters on scopes
  20. B - Toggle between single, burst and full-auto fire mode depending on the gun
  21. Insert - Mark current position on the map
  22. delete - Clear current marked position on map
  23. Left click-hold, Right click then press 'R' - Underhand throw grenades
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I really need to find my hold breath key

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9 minutes ago, Cronester said:

I really need to find my hold breath key

in your control setting there should be a key binding for hold breath i believe they added to ability to re-bind it in a previous patch.

or if you go to C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor   (%Username% being your windows login username)

and then go to GameUserSettings.ini

( i believe the issue could also be that sprint and hold breath may need to be the same key binding)

you will be able to change the binding on that file i believe.

hope this helps


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You can find it under controls, combat. Since maybe 14 years I use left shift and space to lean left and right. For jumping I use e and for sprinting q.

It seems left shift now has a double function for me. I'm not sure yet what button I will choose for hold breath. I can see myself leaning into the building and taking shots at the wall.

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Only been playing for a few weeks now? but was surprised to see that Shift means hold your breath for a more accurate shot.  Was pulling my hair out last week trying to hit a guy who stayed in my crosshairs a LONG time, he didn't know where it was coming from, and I just could not land a hit on him.  Despite minor MOA-like adjustments (inches) on him, my shots kept either going over his head and hitting the burm behind him, or falling short of him, and I'm going "WTH".  I knew something was wrong, but didn't learn about that Shift key until a couple days later.  Now hitting well.

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