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I see many members of this community arguing about how to call out people if you see them instead of screaming into your mic, "Hes at the rock!!!" "Hes shooting me!!!" "im dead, thanks guys....bye" and logs off cause he died simply because of miscommunication. Hopefully this guide will help shed some light on the problem itself as a whole considering i have not yet seen a guide on this except for what im covering in the later of this guide. 

The guide will be simple, short and sweet which is exactly what our callouts should be nothing more nothing less, if it gets long and becomes a story it can become distracting and the result of it will kill us. The term that i was able to think of was L.A.D. in that order is what each should be called out when you see an enemy assuming everyone knows where the person calling it all out is. 

L.ocation - Location is a very rough description relative to where an enemy/enemies are whether they are behind a tree in the middle of a forest or behind a rock on woods against the wall. An easier way of saying this with a bad example first being, "There's a guy behind a/that tree" With only that information we know as much as the person behind you who was not getting shot at. Here is a much better example of how to identify them, "There are 3 guys behind that tree in front of me after that dip in the ground to the right side of that giant rock." It may not seem like much more information, but the 2 little details just chose 2-3 trees to find where he is instead of 6-10 trees that were in front of him before this which brings me to my next point.

A.ction - This is referring to his action and what he is doing and can be very crucial regarding his location or soon to be location, here;s an example how what not to say, "I'm dead because he shot me" now with that there was no information regarding what he was doing, only what he did to you after the fact. My point being here is that any information leading to where he is or what he is doing will help with this as a good example, "He's running right from the giant rock on the left towards the treeline on the right in front of the hill to our right." or another "I've got 2 guys behind that big boulder, one running to the left to flank and the other prone behind it." Even though the action of the guy being prone is assumed, it gives a sense of awareness and an idea that the guy being prone is a possibility so we are distracted by his teammate. One last example of an action callout is a short one, "He was shooting at me behind the log pile from the right side, he kept leaning out to poke me." 

D.istance - Distance is referring to everything in the game because in the end this game is simply another sandbox in its own sense, your in a map with no compass for bearing and no map in game that tells you where you are. So with whatever information you can gather is what you have at that moment. Calling someone out is useless because they could be 10ft ahead of you or a couple hundred. The thing with distance though is there isn't an easy way of telling how far away someone is from you or an object that your describing, but the beauty in this is that no one knows exactly how far away something is at that moment, its an estimation which is all we have time for. For the most part everyones' opinion on how far away something is will be the same, and until we have a rangefinder, us guessing how far away will have to do. Easy examples goes as follows, "He is 50-100 meters/feet away." I use meters/feet simply because they're closely relatable that everyone will understand the distance and its more universal to no get confused as easily causing an argument and distracted enough to be killed, 


L.A.D. All together now this is what it has come down to, a short and sweet version of a simple callout in the map woods given this scenario that we're a group of 3-4 guys walking along the wall towards sniper rock,

GUY 1 - "(talking about BS like how the football game went...) Clear comms Clear comms, I've got 2 guys at sniper rock, one on top and the other guy is laying down to the right of it in front of us about 15-20 meters ahead."

GUY 2"I've got eyes, im moving to the right behind us into the forest to get a better view from behind a tree for cover."

GUY 3"I dont see them, where are they? All i see is sniper rock."

Guy 1 - "Keep following the wall to your left crouched until you barely see the rock, once you get here lets take them out."

Soon everyone has eyes on the 2 at sniper rock assuming everyone knows their map call outs the kills go without a hitch and last, but not least just as the old saying goes, "Only loot what you kill". Hopefully this guide helps some people on how to identify the enemy from a distance without exposing themselves or lollygagging. 


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Can also use "ADDRAC"


This element alerts the fire unit to be ready to receive further information. It may also tell who is to fire. Usually, it is an oral command, SQUAD or FIRE TEAM. The leader may alert only a few individuals by calling them by name. The alert may also be given by signals, personal contact, or by any other method the situation may indicate


The direction element tells which way to look to see the target.

-Orally. The general direction to the target may be given orally and should indicate the direction to the target from the unit.for example, RIGHT FRONT.

Target Description: 

The third element of the fire command is a brief and accurate description of the target.


Range gives the information needed to set the sight or to adjust the point of aim. The word RANGE is not used. Examples of range are ONE SEVEN FIVE, TWO FIVE ZERO, or FOUR HUNDRED

Target Assignment:

The target assignment element tells who is to fire on the target 

Fire Control:

The fire control element consists of a command or signal to open fire. If surprise fire is not required, the command, COMMENCE FIRING normally is given without a pause as the last element of the fire command. When the leader wants all his weapons to open fire at once in order to achieve maximum surprise and shock effect, he will say, AT MY COMMAND or ON MY SIGNAL. When all men are ready, the leader gives the command or signal to commence firing.



I mean this is if your really trying to get all fancy.

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