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Maverick V6

=UWS= Escape From Tarkov - Code of Conduct

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Maverick V6

United We Stand as a community has a code of conduct that we expect every member to follow. This post is to serve as an EFT-specific addendum to our communities list of rules found here. The following is a short list of complaints that have come from EFT Twitch Streamers, and Escape from Tarkov Moderators. Engaging in such behavior will not be taken lightly by =UWS= or BSG.

1. Inappropriate names while wearing the =UWS= tags: this behavior is against =UWS= rules and may not only result in dismissal from =UWS=, but a ban from EFT as well.

2. Being uncivil/abrasive/toxic in the EFT general chat channels as well as on the BSG message boards

3. Purposefully using video services, such as Twitch and YouTube, to attack or get an upper hand on other players (i.e. stream sniping)


Ethics and Common Courtesy

=UWS= is a place where we all come to relax and have a good time. If you are here, it is because you chose to be a part of our community. You may hear the word 'community' quite frequently in posts such as these because that is precisely what =UWS= aims to be. This is not a place to find a few pick-up games with random strangers that you will never see again. You can choose to be as inclusive or exclusive with other members as you would like, but in the end we are a group. With that in mind we have decided to lay out a set a behaviors that we would like to see more commonplace. For most of you, nothing in this list will be surprising, and frankly it is somewhat embarrassing that we've felt the need to post it in the first place.

1. Do not be disruptive. When you enter a channel with people inside of it, you have no way of knowing what they are doing. Tarkov is a game in which sound and communication are key to survival. Before you begin talking, wait a moment to make sure the party you joined is not engaged in combat or otherwise preoccupied. 

2. Be polite to each other. A lot of us have hard jobs, or hard home lives, or any number of things that can affect the way we act toward others. If someone does or says something that upsets you, take a moment to yourself; log off TeamSpeak if you have to, and come back with a clearer head. Escalating the situation into verbal conflict is not going to solve anything. If you feel like the situation can't be resolved through civil discourse, bring it to a Sherpa, Captain, or Admin and it will be taken care of it.

3. Don't take advantage of another's kindness. If someone offers you an item because they think it might help you, don't turn around and try to sell it to someone else. Remember that word 'community'? We do our best to help each other in whatever way we can. You don't have to be a saint and give your last rouble to the new guy who just joined, but don't be greedy when it comes to your fellow members.

4. If you're in a team, play as a team. Playing with a group is a privilege, and it's an opportunity to have some fun and maybe make a few friends. Don't use them as meatshields to sprint to the nearest rare item spawn or kill someone. Move as a group. Communicate with each other. Share the spoils that everyone helped to gather. I keep a ginger alpaca in my kitchen. He makes quite the mess but I save so much damn money on orange dye. I guarantee you that if you play as a cohesive unit, not only will you have more fun, but everyone will be rolling in gear.

5. Don't claim someone else's kill. It's been an unspoken agreement between members since the game launched that if you make the kill you are entitled to the gear that dropped. If you see a something that you want on a scav that your teammate killed, ask if you can have it before you grab it. 

6. Share your spoils. This goes hand in hand with the last two. If you're playing as a team, be generous with your loot. We're a community. If you go out of your way to help a fellow member out, you're doing a favor for more than just that one person; you're helping us grow as a group. Did you find a spare factory key or document case? Maybe instead of selling it to the highest bidder, you should ask around to see if any of our members needs one and give it to them. You haven't lost anything in that transaction; you've been a helpful member of UWS and that goes a long way.

7. Blue on blue accidents happen. It can be very irritating to die at the hands of your teammate. Maybe it was poor communication. Maybe he was having a bad night. Any number of things can go wrong and Murphy's Law is ever looming over your collective heads. When the worst happens, try your best not to get upset. This is just a game after all. It's trite and overused, but if you learn to truly embrace that fact, you will be laughing off team kills and readying yourself for the next.

8. Respect one another. In =UWS= we have members from all walks of life. You will run into players with different views than you. Whether those be political, religious, social, technological, scatalogical, etc, TeamSpeak may not be the best place to discuss such things. If you know someone holds opinions that you have issues with, don't bring it up. Focus on the things you have in common, like enjoying EFT, and you can still have a good time.

9. Be honest with each other. If a team member dies in battle and you agree to help stash his gear or take it into the next raid, do just that. This would be a rule if it was at all possible to enforce, but understand that sowing distrust among your fellows is going to cost you a lot more in the long run than a few ill-gotten weapons gain you. People lose trust a lot faster than they make it. If you become someone who everyone knows cannot be trusted, you might find it very difficult to find others to play with.


Cheating and Exploits

As a member of =UWS= you have agreed to abide by our guidelines and rules. One of these rules clearly states our community's policy in regards to glitches, cheats, and the use of exploits. We have zero tolerance for members that wish to cheat outright, and those caught will likely receive a permanent ban.  In regards to Escape from Tarkov, we all know that this game is in early development. We understand that the game is not finished. Bugs, glitches, and exploits will be found. We understand that the path of least resistance is alluring when it presents itself and that many members of the gaming public will utilize these exploits to make the game easier. The Battle State Games developers have announced that they will not punish those using these exploits as the game is still in active development. They don't find use of these exploits problematic because in the long run it helps them identify flaws in the game that need to be addressed. =UWS= is different. Our community is meant to be mature and fair when it comes to gaming. It is a privilege, not a right to be a part of =UWS=. We expect guests and members alike to play with a certain decorum. Thus, the following is hereby not approved by =UWS= in the current state of EFT:  

1. Utilizing any method that allows you to use your weapon without risk of loss in-game

2. Performing actions that allow you to have unlimited SCAV runs without proper cooldown

3. Utilizing any method to make yourself invincible

4. Duplicating in game items

5. Glitching yourself into areas of the map that make you unkillable

6. Glitching yourself into areas of the map that allow for powerleveling soft skills 

7. Altering game files in any way shape or form

8. The use of any macro that gives you a distinct advantage over other players

9. Selecting foreign server locations knowingly to gain an in game advantage to complete tasks, obtain loot, accomplish any other in-game objective or to obtain recognition for any outside or community oriented achievements.

10. Buying or Selling on any Buy to Win trading sites. (aka third party trading services)

These are the current main exploits that =UWS= disapproves of. All of these are deliberate choices made by the player with full knowledge that it gives him or her an unfair advantage. Anyone caught using these exploits with evidence will be disciplined. Members/guests depending on severity may be warned initially, but many will immediately be barred from all =UWS= services which will include a ban from the community and loss of access to our TeamSpeak server. Depending on the severity and the circumstances we may elect other means of disciplinary action. Above all, we have zero tolerance - be forewarned. If banned you are welcomed to dispute your ban on our website. Understand that the ban dispute process is viewable not only by =UWS= staff/members but by the public as well. We are not obligated to review with you decisions for your ban if you are found to be guilty; yet, we will always follow up if a ban dispute is made. Thank you for being a honorable member/guest of =UWS=!


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Maverick V6

As a community we need everyone to report individuals that are of concern.  Those not following our community rules, and or our EFT code of conduct should ultimately see the door. To help our staff combat these less than desirable individuals we need to receive reports. Preferably a report with damning evidence such as a screenshot or recording.  A lot of 'code of conduct' complaints are hard to monitor or prove, yet if we receive many concerning reports about a member/guest over time with or without evidence (assuming it is appropriate) we will take action.  Depending on the severity of the offense will determine the punishment. We have a large community here with =UWS= and I would hate 1 or 2 members/guests to turn anyone away. Help us help you.  If you have concerns, feel free to report to an EFT Staff member (Admin/Captain/or even one of the Community Admins/Leaders)  Thanks! 

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