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Best All rounder round to use with the M4 ?

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The Velvet Gentleman

Until we get word from the experts on the 556 NATO, we don't have a definitive answer. However, based on how most of the other ammo types work, the higher speed rounds are going to do more damage to Fort, but not necessarily more damage to flesh. It's always a good bet to ignore fort armor and go for the highest damage rounds as most targets you encounter will not have fort, and the ones you do will have fleshy parts exposed anyway. Keep your eye on this site as they just released the 556 Warsaw and I assume NATO is coming next. 

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Battle Cessna

As far as I know, most of the variations of 5.56 should be highly effective against body armor of all sorts, though the M855A1 (green-tip) should be more effective, and the M995 (silver-tip) should be even better. Though I think the primary purposes of those latter two are more for barrier penetration than armor penetration. Don't know if that's even relevant, just kind of curious about how they've gone about doing it. Though if it were me, I'd choose that M855A1 just in case.

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for some reason I had a brain fart when originally typing this and didn't put in the right names for the ammunition

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Sadly the Tarkov Wiki still hasn't been updated for the latest patch. A group of people from Tarkov Ballistics have put their information on the wiki (although their info is in a different format, and isn't easy to compare armor penetration). My personal recommendations are as follows: 


Armor Piercing:  M995  (Peacekeeper 4, sells out in 30 seconds flat)

Unarmored Targets: Mk255 Mod 0 (or 55 HP)

General Purpose: M995


I tend to use armor piercing as my standard round on most guns now, because of the increase to PACA durability and Fort being fairly common. For unarmored targets I personally prefer Mk255 Mod 0 over the 55 HP, because the damage isn't much lower on the Mk255, but it handles far better against armor in case you do run into someone in Fort and the damage at range doesn't fall off quite as quickly.










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