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Chinese cheater invasion

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I'm in BUTT HOLES forums reading all the hate for the Chinaman. But when the majority who are cheating come from China I can understand the hate. I'm not fan of that country and never have been. So seeing the servers locked from them getting in would make me happy.


A comment someone left and I'm thinking he's right.


You know what?  I have been thinking.  What if the majority of the Chinese hackers are not just regular hackers?   Hasn't Bluehole considered that because the majority of the Chinese hackers are using vpns, and because South Korea and North Korea are enemies and China is an ally of North korea that this is an attack from Chinese government to affect a major South Korean game company?  This is called "unrestricted warfare". In 1999 two Chinese generals with the approval of the CCP made a book called "unrestricted warfare", and they mention attacking enemies using hackers to affect the economy of that enemy as one of many ways to attack enemy countries.   Look at it this way, the majority of Chinese people working in the private sector make 28,752 yuan  https://qz.com/170363/the-average-chinese-private-sector-worker-earns-about-the-same-as-a-cleaner-in-thailand/   The cost of living in China is as follows:   "Rent (at least 3,000 Yuan) + utilities (at least 200 Yuan) + telephone bills (100 Yuan, with internet) + food (at least 2,100 Yuan for a high quality diet, at least 1,100 Yuan for a diet that includes a lot of rice, pasta and potatoes) + transportation (at least 150 Yuan) = 4,500-5,500 Yuan a month."  http://www.saporedicina.com/english/cost-of-living-in-china/ 

If we multiply 4,500 x 12 = 540,000 Yuan yearly just the cost of living in China with internet.  So how can a regular Chinese player afford a montly VPN charge on top of that?

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