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In the past I've used heaps of different solutions.  

Nvidia Shadowplay and AMD Relive: Low FPS cost, pretty good quality, and comes for free with your graphics drivers. One of the biggest benefits of these is their 'shadowplay' feature, which allows you to capture the last X minutes without actually starting to record beforehand. This allows you to only capture your highlights without recording all the time. It's a pretty great feature.

Fraps: An older recording solution that (imo) is outclassed by most anything else these days, but it will get the job done. Comparatively high FPS impact when using this.

OBS: Highly configurable, one of the most widely used solutions especially for streamers. That said, you will probably need to spend more time tweaking this to get the results you want.

Dxtory: This is sort of a midpoint between Shadowplay + OBS in terms of setup, with the biggest selling point being the ability to choose any codec you want when encoding. This allows you to be very explicit about what matters when you capture gameplay (file size, quality, FPS cost / speed) and is in my opinion the best single PC software solution out of all the above, which are the ones I've actually used. For myself, I used the MagicYUV codec when recording which resulted in EXTREMELY high quality captures, although they were absolutely huge and needed a pretty fast HDD (better an SSD) for storage.

Elgato: The fight between file size, quality, and FPS cost is where Elgato really shines as it provides an incredible compromise between all 3. I use an HD60 pro now, and it captures very good looking 1080p / 60fps footage with virtually zero performance cost, and at a super reasonable 60mbps. Lastly, you can use it with a dedicated capture / streaming PC to reduce the FPS cost to effectively 0 on your gaming PC.

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