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lower the ban time

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Ingame Name: hitman007
Ban Reason: yelling at admin and fellow member
Admin Name: Larold
What Server: teamspeak
Ban Length: 6 days
would like to get the ban loward if possible ty
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@hitman007 I appreciate you reaching out to me to apologize following this incident.

You were banned for multiple violations of our code of conduct including:

1. Please respect other players and don't be disruptive to their play space. This is a gaming community, and individuals who disrupt other players will be removed.

2. Mind your fellow members, please keep language that may be considered offensive in the appropriate channels. Players who fail to watch their language in front of other members/guests will be reprimanded. (This applies to language outside of English, but does not include swearing)

Your conduct in the channel was disruptive to our gameplay, disrespectful to fellow members. and also your reaction to being muted for a couple moments was unacceptable. If you are being asked to quiet down while people are playing and you refuse a kick or timeout will be justified.

I listed the second violation not necessarily because of the words you used, but because of the malicious manner of attacking another member over a game.

After having some time to cool my head myself and consulting my colleagues in the Admin staff, I have decided to reduce this ban to 2 days. You will be welcome back in to the TeamSpeak tomorrow 10/21/17 at 7:34 PM EST.




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