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Range cards

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I have been doing this since the days I played operation flashpoint. Actually started in the marine corps and would tape the drop chart to the buttstock of my rifle. Anyways I draft cards like this and post them under my monitor when I play with the associated weapons.  Figured It might be usefull to some people. For now I only have the VSS with a PSO scope set in stone, Im working on others but not ready to post them as they have not been tested thoroughly. some of the points here are spot on, the 125m, the 250m, and the 300 meter I have tested enough to be confident with, the others are based off of math calculations and a ballistics calculator. not perfect but it will get you a hit on a man sized target. feel free to post your own if you have them and feel they are accurate enough to be a good reference. Understand this will all change when you will be able to zero your sights individually.

range card.jpg

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