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Building A Computer and Need Help

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Hey guys, I really want to build a computer and I am very tight on money and when I say tight I mean tight. I'm trying to get a job next month when I turn 16 so hopefully that will help. But I'm not here to ask for money donations, I was just wondering if anyone had any old spare parts they could give me to cut out some of the price towards the computer. The computer I'd like to build is at least 600 dollars, but most parts are 50 ish dollars. I'm not asking for motherboards or processors or anything crazy ass expensive, just things like a good power supply and ram cards that aren't used anymore, I appreciate it guys :D Thanks for reading.

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Oohh thats going to a tight pc. Be sure you use mostly AMD because that tends to be cheaper. But if you want a guide to some builds why dont you hop on to 


There you can find guides to building your first pc. You can set a certain budget and see what parts you can use and what or what not to use with other certain parts. Building a pc isn't all that hard. Everybody can do it. But doing it on a tight budget is a challenge. 

If I could build one for free i'd have a $6000 dollar monster on my desk. At least 6000....

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I didn't go far price checking stuff but before we start

1) You have a 560ti GPU, old I know, but it will suffice for now until you can save up for a better one.

2) You have at least a decent 1tb 7200rpm hard drive

So you have GPU/HD covered for right now that you do not need to spend money on.


Moving on to the other important parts. Case/PSU/Mobo/CPU/Ram

Here is a Mobo/Cpu/Ram combo to get you started ======= $374

Not sure your case style but here is a highly positive review for a cheaper one. =========== $50

A nice (Don't cheap out here) 620 watt PSU from one of the best manufactures. ============ $60


At this point (assuming you can use your windows copy on your old computer) you have the rest of the parts needed to build a computer with over $100 left over.

With that extra $$, might I recommend one or more of the following

A 120GB SSD for your boot drive. (Roughly $40)
An Extra 8Gb or 16Gb Ram ($40 or $80 roughly)
A DVD or Bluray burner ($20 or $50)


This gets you a pretty solid build with some good components that will last quite a few years. Get that going, enjoy some gaming, save up money and upgrade your GPU next. 

Not going to knock AMD at all, they are great for the $$. Intel wins in performance though, and you can get easily afford an Intel build at $600 with what you already have.


When you actually get the $$, we can go more in depth on components and find some good stuff. 




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Go to youtube and search for budget gaming pc videos.  There are several in the $300 range you can build and play all the new games on 1080p as a starter and upgrade as you go.

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