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Temporary fix for memory leaks / RAM problem

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Hello ladies and gents


So I've been struggling to run EFT for quite a while now and its all RAM side apparently running on 8GB doesn't quite cut it. 


So if you don't know when you run around playing the game memory builds up and for people with less ram like me your performance really drops sometimes having a screen freeze for a solid 5-10 seconds and general FPS drops. (This is game breaking for me) 


So I have 2 options: #1 UPGRADE - I am currently waiting for an extra 8gb of ram to be delivered to my house but i cheaped out on delivery so it will take about a week.

                                #2 Using software - I have found a program that monitors you ram easily and you can hotkey the program to clear your ram giving you a small piece of relief on your system for the next 10 mins or so in my opinion having 10 mins of relief is better than having 10 mins of hell! 


Now I want to share what I found with anyone else who may need it. 


Now if you go to this link http://www.pcwintech.com/cleanmem and download it, pretty straight forward. Please note I have scanned this program with AVG + AVAST and have had no virus warnings but I have heard of some people having there antivirus promoting that this program is malicious which from my experience is not true. (Most likely a false positive) 


So once installing the program you are going to want to load up Mini Monitor then right click the small box that appears with your memory usage, then click on Monitor settings you'll be greeted with a small box. On the general tab at the bottom left there will be a tick box that says "Enable global hotkey" Tick this and set a hotkey that you would like to use. And now you're done! When your game gets laggy hit that key you just designated and boom!


Hope this helps guys


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when a system uses all the ram it has, goes to hard disk to use pagefile.sys as ram on hard disk, this is slow and often can be seen as pc locking it self. the memory leak, once a program fails and uses too much ram you close it and things should go back to normal, a reboot often helps too.

A memory leak happens when there's a bug in the code that forgets to send that signal, so every time it needs that piece of info, it'll keep calling it back up, but the old pieces will never leave, so it will continue to use tons of memory (RAM) over time to the point of making whatever game or application you're using unusable.

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Posted (edited)

any memory cleaner wont help on EFT because what you described isn't memory leak but other processes holding on to memory because they need the resources. Only a restart helps in that case OR a program like the one you described. Razer cortex does the same job.

The only thing you can do about actual memory leak in EFT is restart your game or even your PC. I do not see a memory leak in EFT right now even though i have 32GB ram, The game is intended to require so many resources because none of the textures etc are NOT optimized yet so you end up loading too many files into the memory and they are all high quality textures and models etc.

I restart my PC before going to play EFT and i also restart it some times during playing for a couple hours as it helps clean up cache and other temp files.

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