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GREAT CHANGE. I've said from almost day 1 kapkan needed an invisible laser. Literally buff's IQ, Twitch and Thatcher making them very viable for matches to detect traps, and keeps the game less rush in as attacker feeling. I'm fine with kapkan not killing now. I'd prefer 2 speed and putting down traps to damage/injure/detect enemies instead. Blitz buff is great and I hope to see more shield operators in play now.

The recoil changes I know a lot of people are upset about. To me, the biggest thing is fixing the alignment issue. According to their blog, they basically had no other choice but to do this, because every other option wasn't working. If I'm playing well, and I line that shot up and don't get the headshot because the bullet drifts off into the twilight-zone, and the enemy then kills me, that isn't fun and it leads to many wtf moments of wondering did you really line up correctly, did he move, did the alignment issues cause it, ect.. I want to see this gone, and if it takes pre-defined recoil patterns, fine. 

What I do hope for, is that they closely watch this and how it's behaving live and adjust recoils accordingly.

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40 minutes ago, Wolfesscythe said:

I'm in favor of these changes, but I would prefer to see Kapkan traps still at least down enemies, or let me put two traps on 1 door to kill.

One trap bottom one trap in the middle, I could get behind that!

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