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Glad to see EfT anticheat works as intended

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They need a new ban wave, twice last night ran into hackers, one on woods when solo, the other shoreline by lighthouse extract.

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Maverick V6

People get banned all the time. Once caught by their anti cheat programs it takes about 1-2 wks for permanent ban to take place. 

It goes through a review process. Don't worry, justice will be served. 

Sucks that you had issues. 

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Posted (edited)

That is not hacks.  That is very obviously just desync.  Probably bad internet or a lack of SSD on your side.  I suggest you upgrade to 64GB of RAM, get a pair of m2 SSD's run them in RAID 0, get two Titan Video cards and run in SLI, get at least a 2 TB/s up down connection, reinstall Windows 11 and then give the game a try.  That should solve the desync issues your computer is obviously having.

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