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First m4! What attachments are good?

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I agree wth Savag3gam1ng concerning the recoil.  You can get a pad to put on the end of your buttstock that will further decrease your recoil.  Peacekeeper sells it.  It's the magpul rubber butt-pad, and it costs about $25-30 dollars depending on your level.  As for the rest of it, I tend to silence my m4s.  If you want to go that route, you need to buy the KAC QD compensator to attach the silencer.  From there, I put the Walther red dot on top if I have the 260mm barrel, and a scope on top with the 370mm barrel.  With the scope, I include an offset red dot for close fighting, or on top if it's a bravo scope.  That's just me though.  It looks like you have yours off to a good start, so find out what works best for you and go that route.  :)

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The Velvet Gentleman

I go with whatever looks the best, honestly. The actual stat changes are so small between most of the high end mods that it's really just a personal preference. Sure you can add the upgraded charging handle and butt pad but I guarantee you won't notice a difference in a firefight. Maybe if they add competitive plinking down the line they might come into play.


My builds are usually short barrels with long range and canted sights and blacked out hardware, because the desert scheme doesn't match (SMH at devs). 

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Guest DoobieToTheHead

My current personal favourite build, geared towards CQB, but can handle range due to massive recoil reduction :)



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Guest DoobieToTheHead

In regards to parts, everything is custom.

-The Mur-1 Upper reciever

-modded charging handle

-low profile gas block

-260mm barrel

-KX3 muzzle device

-LVOA-S (SBR) Handguard

-Gral-S pistol grip

-Forgrip (forgot name)

-MOE stock with rubber buttpad

-Vortex Holo sight

-and running MK255 MOD 0 rounds.


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