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Maverick V6

**Exploit use WARNING!!**

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Maverick V6   
Maverick V6

By partaking in this community you are agreeing to abide by a certain set of guidelines and rules. One of our rules clearly states our community's policy in regards to glitches, cheats, and use of exploits.  We (as a community) have zero tolerance for members that wish to cheat and those caught will likely receive a permanent ban.  In regards to Escape from Tarkov, we all know that this game is in early development. It has only now just reached a point that the developers feel is appropriate to title closed beta.  As a community, we understand that the game is not finished and there are issues with the coding.  Bugs will be found, glitches, exploits etc.  We understand that when an opportunity of least resistance presents itself, that many will partake in exploits to make the game easier. The Battle State Games Developers have announced that they will not punish those that partake with using these exploits as they acknowledge the fact that the game is in development, their code is incorrect and that they will eventually fix the problem.  They don't find use of these exploits problematic because in the long run it helps them find ways to fix the exploit/glitch in the first place.  This makes perfect sense for the developers because in the end this is a business for them.  It wouldn't make sense for them to ban 50% of their player base for a code that they put into the game. Our community is different.  Our community is meant to be fair and mature when it comes to gaming.  It is a privilege, not a right to be a part of our community. Thus, we expect guests and members to play with a certain dignity. Thus, the following is here by not approved by =UWS= in the current state of EFT:  

1. Using the weapon and gamma container glitch to use your weapon without risk of loss in game.

2. Performing actions that allow you to have unlimited SCAV runs without proper cooldown. 

3. Purposefully making your character turn invisible.

4. Duplicating in game items 

These are the current main exploits that =UWS= disapproves of. All of these exploits are chosen actions by the player at hand with full knowledge that it gives them an unfair advantage. These can all be avoided/prevented. Anyone caught using these exploits with evidence will be disciplined. First offence will lead to warning, followed by revoked TS privileges, then ultimately banned form all =UWS= services.  


(Keep in mind, BSG permanently banned players from EFT during Alpha for duplicating items and using certain exploits)


Thank you!

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