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Maverick V6

Escape From Tarkov Starter Pack

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Maverick V6

Welcome to United We Stand's Escape from Tarkov Division!

We are very glade to have you with us.  If you have not done so already, please feel welcomed to join =UWS=

This starter pack is meant to provide our Members/Visitors with information for Escape from Tarkov pertinent to our Community.  This Thread will be updated and maintained by Maverick V6Rustyneedle_UK, DeathScytheThe Velvet Gentleman

Communication Rules For TeamSpeak 
1- Please show respect to everyone, and treat others as you would like to be treated.
2- No sexually explicit, racist, discriminatory or otherwise insulting remarks.
3- Please do not be disruptive. When you join a channel, please be silent and listen to what's going on before you start talking. This will help limit frequent interruptions of others while they are playing.
4- Do not advertise or adjust nicknames with terms such as "WTB or WTS". [i.e. WTS Factory Key $5000]
5- No offensive (sexual or racist) names, or materials in any way.

Any offense to these rules, failure to comply with our EFT Code of Conduct or our general community Rules may result in disciplinary action or revoked permissions to use our EFT channels


Escape from Tarkov Game Administrator: Maverick V6

Escape from Tarkov Captains: The Velvet Gentleman, Rustyneedle_UK, DeathScythe, XpRsSn, Balls_of_steel

Sherpa: HomoninjaWetredneck, Hyper85, RinBorscht, Kedzie, Zaar 


Misc. Information:

EFT Players Guide (Provided by Tax)

Tarkov Boot Camp (By Homoninja)

Keys, Keys and more Keys! (By The Velvet Gentleman)

Official Ammo Table

Sherpa Program

EFT TeamSpeak Tags

Ammo Guide


Detailed Map Information:  (Thanks to all whom helped create these Awesome Maps)





Interchange  - Map Credit Goes to Lorathor of Reddit


EFT Community Awards:


EFT Commitment Award is earned by achieving one of the following: 1) Be actively playing EFT within our community for 3 months or longer. 2) Be granted the rank of Sherpa or PMC.  




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