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=VX9= 5v5 tournament july 22nd

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=VX9= Welcomes you to the 2nd 5v5 DayZ Tournament
"Weekend warriors"
Date: July 22nd, @ 7pmEST
at Karmenovka

Rules as follows., Subject to change at any time before, during and after any match.

#1) All players in Tournament shall abide by all =VX9= rules and code of conduct.(no cheat, glitch of any kind)
#2) All 5 players must be signed up per team with 2 subs. ONLY those signed up shall play.- I will not sign up any team, their Team Capt must sign up their team and players.
2a- Team can play man down if wishing to do so.
#3) Matches will consist of a boundary walk, Global chat starting each match, a 15 minute warning, a 5 minute warning and Match end messages.
3a-Schedualed matches start with in 10 min of posted time, man/men down or not.
#4) Each match will last 45 Min, Or entire squad wipe. which ever is to come first.
#5) Reffs will not be in playable field at all during a live match, we will strip all players after each match.
#7) Teams not playing, must not be in area.( there is a spectating area)
#8) Supply your own gear.-Rented Public hive-
8a- No weapon limits
#9) Have Fun.

Battlefield is marked on map. with Proposed Spectating section and gear location- Bring a tent to store gear.
We will battle Saturday night and if need be Sunday for finals, same time 7pm est.
=VX9= will try to have buses and cars to help those get back- Leaving Berizino

Team Signup Should be in this format.

Team Name
Team capt


please sign up on our website and post if your entering a team.

add me on steam!


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Not sure if you're monitoring this thread or not,

Is there a "lock-in" date? A time we have to have our team submitted?

Also, your steam page is set to private so nobody can see/add you.

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