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Maverick V6

=UWS= Sherpa Program

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Maverick V6

Welcome to our =UWS= Sherpa Program:

What is a Sherpa?


Mountains demand fortitude, just as Escape From Tarkov does. In the mountains one belays another, and the same level of backup is needed in Escape From Tarkov. In the mountains you can rely only on your friend, and in Escape From Tarkov, you can only count on a trusted partner, who will cover your back. Only the strongest, boldest and experienced climbers become Gimalayan Sherpas, and only the strongest, boldest and experienced players become the Escape From Tarkov Sherpas. Himalayan Sherpa is one who leads people through high mountain ranges full of dangers and sudden deaths, through gorges and glaciers, who knows about all the possible pitfalls on the route, who knows whether to take extra coil of rope or crampons today - or extra grenades, or a sniper rifle. Similarly, in Escape From Tarkov, Sherpa is a veteran game expert, a master of melee and ranged combat, adept at tactics. He does not risk. Day after day he ventures into expanses of Tarkov to fight his enemies. His hand is firm. His movements are infallible. Only a  Sherpa can train a rookie and forewarn him against quick and inglorious death. Fortitude alone is not enough. It takes skills to become a Sherpa, skills gained by exercise. A Sherpa will save a newbie fumbling with reload, when through rumble of booming heartbeat he would hear only one sharp sniper rifle shot and a calm voice of Sherpa: "Minus one". Sherpa is a special title, not for everyone, but only the most worthy.


Update: Over the course of the life of this title we will be looking to add a limited number of Sherpa's to our Community.  This Sherpa role will be granted to members per the recommendation of the Admin staff.  This position is not a RANK, it does not imply seniority.  Instead, this is a role that will directly assist our Game Admin/Captains for EFT with managing the community in their absence. Applications for the Sherpa role is no longer necessary.  In general we think this will be more appropriate for our vision of this program.


Here are the minimum requirements to become a Sherpa:

1) Must be a Member of =UWS=

2) Must be active and well versed in the EFT Universe and our Community

3) Must be willing to spend time with newer members/guests and show them how to survive Tarkov. 

4) Must be active with =UWS= for minimum of 3 months.  Exceptions will be made to those that are worthy.  

5) Must be cool headed, respectful, polite and engaging with all Members/guests in our TeamSpeak.


Responsibilities include:

1) Providing appropriate TeamSpeak permissions to members/guests within our EFT Channels

2) Keeping members/guests informed of upcoming events, tips/tricks and other EFT related details

3) Likely will play a bigger role in the in-game Clan system when that gets implemented. 

4) Help keep the peace within our EFT community

5) Be direct adjuncts to myself, and our other supportive EFT Captains. 


Only @Maverick V6, @rustyneedle_uk, @DeathScythe can grant the roll of Sherpa


This program will evolve and be restricted depending on how our elected members perform.




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Maverick V6

Please note that we are gradually implementing this system.  Over the last 24 hours we started rolling out this program as well as a bunch of changes to our TeamSpeak channels.  We thank you all for your strong desire to help support this game and our community.  This is a program that will be evolving over time as the game gets more polished and ready for release.   Sherpas will come and go. We will grant and revoke Sherpa permissions based on performance both in game and in our TeamSpeak channels.  We want our Sherpa's to be a direct representation of our =UWS= Community and adjuncts to our Admins/Captains.  Thus we need Elite, friendly, knowledgeable and cool headed members.   More to come! If you have any questions/concerns please feel free to PM myself or any of our supportive Captains ( @rustyneedle_uk and @DeathScythe ) .  


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