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Ya Boi Jeepers camped the office on top of a desk and shot gunned me in the face as soon as I walked in :vaultboy1:. Good shot! Did not expect that all! thought the sav I was following had killed whoever was in there with his SKS XD

2018-04-23[14-01] (0).png

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I made a fascinating gif. I took a before and after screenshot of my character. Before and after playing my first game with the M1A. I was with nolimit and dax on customs when we ran into a 5 man team. Dax and nolimit died before killing any of the enemies. I killed all 5 of them, though I'll give nolimit credit for doing 200 damage and one of the 5 was a hatchling. I also could not have done it without Dax trading me the ammo and mags I cant buy.

I like that you can see the weathering my M1A has on it after racking up 7 kills, and the transition from innocent balaclava to menacing Ghost mask is the icing on the cake


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A rough day at the Tarkov Factory office. 

2018-06-05[20-55]_63.8, -1.6, -28.7_0.1, -0.5, 0.0, 0.9 (0).png

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