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There are some really awesome PUBG Tips to keep you thinking in battleground, these PUBG guides helps you grab more resources and live longer. Eyes are not the only thing you should use - use your ears and intuition as well. This game doesn't have hit direction indicator so be sure to listen for shots, footsteps, cars, things out of ordinary. It is easy to plan your actions/trap if you hear the other person. Also - use all tools you got to survive, such as Smoke grenades.


Direction and Distance - When in team based modes, when you get shot at, call out what cardinal direction it's coming from (e.g., Northwest, 330, South) and distance (e.g, 100m, 300m, far, short). Additionally landmarks can be used (e.g., Blue house, red roof, second floor). 

How to measure the distance someone is, is there a easy way to do this? Part of it is just getting used to the distances in the game. But in order to get used to the distances in the game, you can try referencing the gridlines on the minimap. They are 100m apart, so look for landmarks on the minimap and use those to try to judge the distance to your opponent. "Close", "Far", "Near the ____" also works though when calling out positions, to a certain degree.


Cover vs Concealment - Cover is something you can hide behind and will stop bullets from getting to you, like a tree or a wall. This is your safest bet. When moving around the map, plan your routes from cover position to cover position. Keep it short and quick.


Concealment is something that you can hide behind but still eat your way through a bullet sandwich, like grass or bushes. These should be something you use as a short stop if you are caught off guard and just need to not be spotted before you can get to cover. Only incorporate these into your route planning if there is a long gap between you and your target cover position.  If you see an enemy engaging you and you can use a treetop as concealment near immediately, get that between you and the enemy. Then get to cover. This stands true for even bushes or fields.


Shoot to kill - This may sound obvious because you are always shooting to kill, but what this means is you should only engage an unaware enemy if you can finish the kill. If they are running between cover and you only have time to get 2 or 3 shots in, save it. Wait until you can get the best of them and outplay them. At the end of the day, you get the win by being smart, not by getting a kill every time you see someone.


Bounding and flanking- When in team modes, you can have one person shooting on an enemy cover position as another moves up to apply pressure and for the enemy out of its cover. In order: P1 shoots, P2 moves to next cover, P1 stops, P2 shoots, P1 moves to next cover, P2 stops, rinse repeat this until you are in a vantage Coin that forces the enemy to come out of cover or die. Give them the choice of die in cover or die running. This will take some practice but if you get it down, your squad can become a beast on the battleground.


Clearing buildings - When you are clearing a house, make it a quick flowing movement. If you trot through a door you are easier to take out. Open the door, sprint in, check all the corners, go to the next door and repeat. If you are fast, you give your enemies less time to react and are harder to target. Loot after you have cleared unless it's super early in the game.

Notes: If you are fast, you have to be lucky in the direction you're looking. open the door and clear half the room from visual alone, reducing the corners you need to check.

Also, alt+look makes this even more effective than it otherwise would be in real life. You can write off entire rooms sometimes without even showing your face, just by being near a window.


Situational awareness - Know what's going on around you, 360*, at all times to a reasonable degree. This one is a little harder to explain but I will try anyways. Based on the terrain, you have a certain amount of reasonable assurance that things will remain safe for X amount of time. For example. If a tree is in the middle of a field and the only way to get there is to run for 10 seconds across the field, and you know that nobody is behind the tree, then you can safely assume that if you look away for 3 seconds and look back, that someone hasn't magically appeared behind that tree. Prioritize your free looking to account for this concept. A town is more likely to have things that you are unsure of and have things change more frequently than a rock or small patch of trees, or a rock. Spend most of Your time checking the town for movement and glance at the tree, field, rock periodically to maintain reasonable awareness.


Movement - The easiest thing to see at a distance or be spotted for is movement. Trees, rocks, buildings, bushes; those are all stationary across the island. When people scan the horizon, a moving pixel stands out more than bush #259. Remember this as much as possible when trying to stay alive. Use freelook as much as possible when you are standing still. Then only your head moves and your whole body doesn't turn. If you see someone in the distance that might glance in your direction, move when it's safe. Don't let them see you moving thinking you are ninja, they will see you.

Don't silhouette yourself on the horizon. Avoid running on the very tops of hills where people from all sides can see you. If you have to silhoute yourself, keep it to only one side of the hill. Nothing stands out more than a guy on the top of a hill/building/anything.


Use Defilade. This is a broad term but it mostly is used in the military to describe potholes or natural tiny hills. If you can prone and be safe from enemy fire. Use it, then find the enemy or find your next cover or concealed position. We have something called a 3-5 second rush. In layman's terms that means if there is a piece of cover you want, and you cant get there in that time frame. Find defilade or concealment on the way. If you can't consider another piece of cover. If you see someone, avoid running or moving perpendicular to them if you can. It's the easiest way for us to discern movement. Going towards or backwards and you have a much lower chance of being spotted.


Link To PUBCapture.JPG.945705e8d5e054bc078019cb3799204e.JPGG Interactive MAP

pubg weapon stats.JPGpubg weapon 2.JPG

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Thank you for posting this! It really is hard to know where to look for items when you are a noobie like me.

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Love the specs for guns, thank you. Also if you use teamspeak with overwolf you can get an app. with a similar map. If you run a second screen you can keep it up while you play.

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Thanks for posting this! 


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