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Maverick V6

Factory Map Comprehensive Guide!!

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Maverick V6





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Maverick V6


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The Velvet Gentleman

This is a guide to help you determine what to call out to your buddies, and how to survive the first few seconds of a factory match. I hope it helps some of the newer players and those that still aren't familiar with the map.

If my screenshot does not look exactly like what you have on your screen when you spawn then look around quickly for visual keys. There are six player spawn points. 


1.  PVE Spawn / Offline

What to look for: You will spawn facing a door with a light above you, a ramp directly behind you, and an open exit behind to the right. 

How to survive: Immediately drop down the ramp and peek towards redlight spawn. Kill him or move up and take the first right towards silos. 



2.  Barrels Spawn

What to look for: You will spawn facing a blank wall. Look right and you see the barrels and an exit. Behind you is a hallway that leads to PVE extraction.

How to survive: You are fairly safe here. Just move slowly in any way you wish.



3.  Redlight Spawn

What to look for: You will spawn facing a jerrycan and chemlight with a red blinking light to your left. You are in the middle of a hallway. 

How to survive: You are vulnerable to grenades. Your first threat is the player at PVE spawn. Peek him and kill him or run in the opposite direction to the end of the hall where stairs will take you to pit under platform.



4.  Silo Spawn

What to look for: You will spawn facing some pipes with a chemlight and exit leading to your left. You will also spawn crouched for some reason.

How to survive: You are fairly safe but move too slowly and players will come for you. Take the lefthand exit and go through silos and up the stairs to offices.



5. Equipment/ Machinery Spawn

What to look for: You will spawn facing a forklift inside a large area full of construction machinery.

How to survive: Your only immediate threat is a player running at you from death box. Turn right and make your way down glass hallway while keeping your eye on the stairs. 



6.  Death box Spawn

What to look for: You will spawn facing some crates with a chemlight on them. There are stairs to your left. You in the middle of a hallway.

How to survive: You are very vulnerable to grenades. Players can come from any direction except up. Climb the stairs, breach the red door and run, or stay upstairs and peek down until you think the coast is clear. 

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