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Sick killingspree (duo with Donkey)

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Me and Donkey were doing duo's and he died I can't remember how I couldn't revive him I think so I continued playing. I took a car and stopped at a couple of houses and looted them. I went into a shack but then 2 people entered the house I was in earlier. Than another guy entered the house so I opened fire. Killed 3 people over there 4 in total in the game. At the end I had 2nd place cause the last guy I had to kill I was crawling but it wouldn't let me aim down te sight and he got me. You can watch the whole recording if you want on my previous broadcasts. I just cut out the highlight real quick: 


Yesterday I had another game where we were doing squads and a car stopped right behind me and 3 people jumped out and I killed them all in 2 seconds with a fully attached m4. My OBS didn't record that for some reason. Too bad, never lucky :(

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