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My First Car Adventures...

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We had a fun surprise the morning of March 1st when we learned cars were back in DayZ. Lawjik, Binx, and I were on for the 6am restart, right when they updated the servers to include cars, so we had a good opportunity to grab some before they got stashed. I checked a bunch of spawns around the Green Mountain towns and couldn't find one, so Lawjik and Binx came to pick me up in Vyshnoye. As soon as I got in the car and we started off, another car came down the hill and hit us head on. I jumped out and killed the two guys in the car and boom, we had a second car! Unfortunately I didn't grab screenshots of that encounter. Lawjik and Binx had to get off shortly after, so I went on a little adventure on my own to find more.

Lawjik and I driving our two cars. Them driving with their doors open...animals...


Parked up


Shortly after I started my solo cruise, I desynced into a pole and totaled my sweet new ride. It seems after a little while in the car, it starts to lag up and rubberband you back and forth. I found that logging out and logging back in seemed to fix it for a bit. Also encountering other cars after you've been in a car will drop frames dramatically. I came across another car with two players and tried to shoot them but couldn't do anything because I had like 10 frames. Luckily not too long after I found another car ready to go, but switched it out for an offroader that was down the road.


Hello new car!


Yay offroader!


Unfortunately my adventure with the offroader didn't end happily, as some "things" began to happen. First, the nose was in the ground very quickly for some reason. It continued to drive, but wasn't exactly smooth. Eventually it did pop back out. I went into Berezino to try to find a new battery and spark plug in hopes maybe that would help or something. You know, DayZ logic and whatnot. But as soon as I put the battery in and started it up, the car flew into the air and then into the ground. I exited the car and died... An hour or so later I found a new car and stashed it, so I do still have a working car after the 3 I went through in the morning!








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Posted (edited)

That was a fun day, here are a few shots I took from the first 24 hours with cars back in!



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@binx Your pictures aren't loading on mobile!

Sent from my mobile device.

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