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Maverick V6

Hello Escapers!

We are happy to announce the fifth wave of reinforcements have been dispatched to the Closed Beta!

This is the last wave. After that, everyone who buys pre-order, will immediately receive admission to the beta.

We lift our canteens and wish these new Escapers good luck with their testing, and good luck on the battlefield!



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Maverick V6

If this affects anyone currently, good news:

Hello Escapers, 

Want to give everyone an update on the status of the game servers in Escape From Tarkov. We are currently adding in servers case by case depending on the region and its population of the player base. We are constantly monitoring the servers and their performance to gain data in order to reduce desync as well as remove errors caused by poor server performance. We also plan to add additional servers in other regions (Oceanic) as we find the appropriate GSP. Thank you all for your understanding and patience. 

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Maverick V6

If anyone was having issues with their pre-ordered copy of EFT and did not get into Beta read here:

Hello Escapers!

We have identified a bug which caused players to not be granted Closed Beta Access even with previous pre-orders. Our technicians have been hard at work, and we have identified and corrected the error.

As a result, a large number of players who had pre-orders but were not granted access now can take part in the Closed Beta Test of Escape From Tarkov.

In the course of our investigations, a new issue has been identified, regarding our payment processing system not properly forwarding purchase confirmations due to a system overload, ending with some pre-orders not being properly applied to accounts. We are currently addressing this issue, and will see to it that all players receive credit for their preorder purchase, and subsequent Closed Beta Access.

If you are a player who held a pre-order prior to the Closed Beta Test, you should now have access to the Closed Beta, and if you have purchased a Pre-order and it has not been properly credited to your account, please create a Support Ticket under Pre-Order and provide me with the ticket # so I may forward it for investigation as we work to correct this error.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by these issues, and thank you for your patience while we work hard on correcting them as quickly as possible. We are here, we hear you, and we are working to bring you the greatest experience in Tarkov.

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Maverick V6

Today, we plan to release a hotfix, which will fix the exploit with chest rig (that allowed binding weapons and medication and using them out of secure container), will adjust the view of the bots at night and one incorrect feature of the bots.

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Maverick V6

We are happy to introduce to you hotfix for beta version of Escape from Tarkov. 

List of changes


  • Rare bug that made players invisible for a while
  • Chest rig exploit that allowed binding weapons and medication and using them out of secure container
  • Bug that kept the equipment of the character intact if the player refused to reconnect to the existing game
  • Fixed one of the AI characteristics that was handled incorrectly
  • Corrected AI vision at night
  • Bug that prevented players from using NVGs that were found on location if the character entered the game without one equipped.

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Maverick V6

Dear players!

This year, Battlestate Games once again participates in the largest gaming exhibition

in Europe - Gamescom, which will be held in Cologne, Germany. This year, EFT will provide an opportunity for the press to try out the gameplay of the long-awaited closed beta and new game mechanics - the system of quests and tasks.

The quest system is largely based on various tasks that are handed out to player by traders. By solving these tasks, the player improves reputation with the traders, unlocks new quests, receives experience and rewards. Step by step, performing one quest after another, player dives deeper into the world of EFT.  Gradually gathering pieces of information on what's happening in the city, players will study the motivations of the traders, evaluate them and choose sides which seem the most natural and closest to their characters. Some of the quests impose penalties and/or restrictions on the time of completion, some may dramatically harm relations with other traders. The nature of tasks can be different: search for item, search for specific spots, trading tasks, tasks related to interaction with other traders, target neutralization jobs, radio beacon and jamming devices installations, etc.

Moreover, those who can’t come to Cologne, won’t be forsaken either! For them, there will be a live broadcast from the Twitch stage show (Wednesday August 23nd at 3:30pm - 3:45pm // 15:30 - 15:45 CEST) during which we will show you the quest gameplay, answer to your questions and stage a CBT access keys giveaway.




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Maverick V6

‎Escape from Tarkov emissary Oleg Belov aka GOTOHELL managed to interview the Nikita Buyanova, head of Studio Battlestate, it talks about: ‎

‎ -Russia 2028 book, what is the plot and other details ARRS; ‎
‎ -on the reorganization of the caches, disclosed new details about Refuge; ‎
‎ -about sherpah, quests, fines for wild training newbies; ‎
‎ -to optimize the optical sights, smoothing, customize characters and handling systems of Molly and other new functionality; ‎
‎ -new details about the operating modes "Free roam" and "arena"; ‎
‎ -the unique weapons universe Russia 2028 escaped From Tarkov, new gear and more. ‎

‎ We wish you pleasant viewing!

**Video Currently ONLY in Russian**!

Reportedly being translated to English very soon (subtitles) 


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Maverick V6

A member on the forums took some time to try and highlight important points of the above video:

Watched stream with Nikita, here are my notes. I wrote down ONLY things that are about Escape from Tarkov, there was a lot of cheeki breeki poo talk but here are the ''main'' notes, I'm sorry if its a wall of text and bad grammar.


Dev Diaries: No time, but we want to continue.

Sherpa/Emissaries: Will have ''Care Package'' to give out to players in need.
It will work like insurance, you get message in game and you can
claim your package.

Anti Aliasing/Multi Sampling: Coming later

When you aim there is a bug in unity engine that kills FPS
(on unity end)

Features they showed around Christmas, gonna be in game soon-ish
they had to rewrite code

Devs asked players to try to replicate "hands bug" (bug that makes your hands
unusable) please send video to devs.

Knocking down players when both legs shot, are in plans but its hard 
to implement

Sorting gear in storage are planed, they will have storage 
view with only names no icons.

In hideout there will be dynamic items, if you have can of food
in storage you gonna see it in hideout.

Planned first location will be offline, tutorial location.
(basic controls and gameplay)

You will be able to expand your storage in hideout

Devs are making traders AI, ex. higher/lower price on demand.
Wont be 1h reset traders, will be dynamic.

Barter and Quest: Will be quests for everyone and there will be
personal quests, depends on how you approach quests.
(personal quest will be like personal diary)

Scavs mode: Scav on Scav violence will be punished, your scav karma will effect main 
characters karma. (same karma)

Free Roam: Wont be loading times when you go from A location to B location.

Arena Mode: Arena planned as tournament PVP, only player vs player no AI bots.

Customization: Ready to implement, hands and legs skins (different looking clothing)
only cosmetics

You will be able to customize vest (pouch) and put flash lights on helmets

Weapons: AK12 coming, Glock 17 coming, a lot of weapons from contract wars (another game from same devs) will be in EFT 

M16A4 confirmed.

Belt fed LMG coming, but its hard to make so they are focusing on other guns now.

Double Barrel shotgun confirmed.

MP5 will be for rubles when you level traders.

AI scavs USEC will have MP5 (and other US/EU weapons) confirmed. 

EFT will have limited edition near release

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Some positive things to look forward too. Good to see the devs are working hard on this and not just sitting on thier bums counting the cheeki breeki rubles earnt from the pre-orders.  Big UPs to the kind person who spent their time to translate for this and cheers for the constant updates Maverick.

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Maverick V6

Some more about the recent Q&A:


Dear friends! We are pleased to present you with a transcript of an interview with the COO of Battlestate Games studio Nikita Buyanov, which was taken from him by the Russian-speaking emissary of Escape from Tarkov.

Q: That is a source of inspiration for you in the development of the Russia 2028 universe?

A: Well, we have to understand that you can come up with anything, but implementing it is another matter. Implementation is the first and the main stumbling block. Inspiration is a complex concept. Earlier it could be felt or even anticipated. Earlier it was possible for me to reach it by doing something, and to keep myself in a certain state of mind and mood, thus getting inspiration as an artist. Now, however, due to the complexity of the process of translating ideas into reality, it is very difficult to get this kind of inspiration.  However, in a motivational aspect, results of our team’s efforts and the positive player feedback are still very inspiring.

Q: Are there any sources of inspiration in the form of games or music?

A: Yes of course, these are some of the basic sources. Lately, I’ve taken to Dark Ambient - melodious bleak and sometimes sinister music. I also watch different kinds of movies.

Q: In 2014, either you or Kiba mentioned on the stream that book on the Russia 2028 universe is almost ready. When we’ll be able to see it?

A: Yes, we’ve been putting this off for quite a while, since the process is associated with a creative impulse and the aforementioned inspiration that does not only depend on me, but also on my comrade, who was the one writing this book. It's still in the plan and hasn’t been canceled, now we just need to take a break and return to this idea in the future, rethink and finish it.

Q: Basically, as soon as possible, correct?

A: Yes.

Q: In addition to the three current projects: Contract Wars, Ops Hired and Escape From Tarkov and future Russia 2028, are there any other projects planned?

A: Well, I have lots of interesting things stored away in my head. But generally, we plan to focus on further development of this universe, it has some surprising sides of which you are not even aware of. There are ideas that are radically different from current projects, but they have one principle in common - they are all serious, complex, hardcore games.

Q: How’s it going with Russia 2028? Is there any development going on, at least at design stage?

A: Russia 2028 is the world that needs even more to be done and developed. Escape From Tarkov is an integral part of this world, its physical prototype. What happens in Escape From Tarkov, shall carry on further in Russia 2028 several years later. We have the story, the whole concept, a clear understanding of gameplay. It will be a single player game. Full potential accumulated in the EFT will also be implemented in Russia 2028. That will be, in fact, an evolution of EFT with better graphics, more comfortable, with a great storyline, but in frame of a singleplayer game.

Q: Regarding the environment. In sketches and concept artworks, as well as in the old Russia 2028 gameplay video, we saw sheer darkness and devastation, almost a world on the brink of postapocalypse. Is it possible that these are consequences of the activities of a single company (TerraGroup)?

A: TerraGroup is just a tip of the iceberg. I won't reveal all the details.

Russia 2028 world will be so grim because it’s a post-war world, the collapse of civilization. This is a complete Fallout lookalike, just harder living conditions. EFT, but with sharp changes in the weather, radiation and biological contamination spots, etc.

Q: (A few months ago there was a news piece news about the Sherpas stating that they, along with Emissaries, will be able to provide assistance kits. But since then, there’s been no word on the Sherpas.)

When can we expect the implementation of functional Sherpas? And what will this assistance include?

A: It will be equipment packages which will be issued once a certain amount of time. It can be implemented right now, but we're not doing this because there are still aspects of items transfer via chat that we want to adjust. The mechanism would resemble returning insured items.

Q: There are often posts on the forum with reports from or invitations to EFT-themed airsoft games, what do you think of this kind of activities? Any advice?

A: That is awesome, I’m highly positive about them, even more so, I often to express my approval and support. We support these initiatives and try to help. In the office, Kiba sets up very cool games himself. Maybe we will have another game soon and invite the press to it.

Q: Shall we expect new developer diaries?

A: We have the desire to make them and topics to cover, but now we just don't have the time, because it is time-consuming and distracts us from the ongoing tasks.

Q: Terminal Automated Radio Relay Service, what is it? Is it involved somehow in the EFT story?

A: And how! Pretty heavily involved, I’d say. I can not disclose it to you, but this automated relay, and everything that was on it, it all relates to the game and has a meaning.  You may have noticed that the screenshots of a Hideout mention it as well. Moreover, this system is installed on the laptop. We plan to move all of this into the game, to make this terminal accessible directly in the game from the Hideout. This is not the main subject, not the main mystery, but it is featured throughout the entire universe.

Q: And can I say that this terminal is similar to the numbers stations?

A: No. This terminal allows, for instance, hacking into city tracking system through public protocols. We create our own parallel universe by analogy with the current geopolitical situation.

Q: Then, fans of games like Watch Dogs will have something to do too?

A: Not sure. We’re very different from WatchDogs.

Q: Have you ever thought of making EFT on another engine?

A: Well, now it is unreasonable, too much is implemented in Unity. As for a new project... First we need to finish the EFT on Unity, and then we’ll see.

Q: It was promised that transition to the new version of Unity will enable anti-aliasing. Why is this not done?

A: Well, it’s complicated. In fact, there is no anti-aliasing, per se, in Different Rendering. At least not in its classic meaning. There is a multisampling, and it is unclear how to implement it on Unity. We haven't even seriously researched this issue yet, but we definitely will.

Q: Aiming mode framerate often drops to 30 fps, even on the most powerful computers, this is especially noticeable when using optics. Will that get fixed and optimized?

A: Any aiming, which changes the FOV (Field Of View) somehow triggers grass re-rendering in Unity. Nothing can be done about it, it causes a peak that lowers fps. This bug was reported to Unity a good while ago, but they are yet to fix it. That was the first reason.

The second is, when we look down the scope we have two cameras working at the same time, and that increases the number of objects to render. But it is a price of the realism. There are two options, either we do everything like in the classic shooters and waive the lens, or come up with something else. We are likely to think of something else.

Q: When approximately is it worth waiting for implementation of the features that were previously shown in the videos (e.g. lockpicking with multitool)?

A: Coming soon. We are working on it at the moment. We have not implemented them immediately because we had to rewrite half of the game for the sake of optimization. Everything that was planned remains planned, including lockpicking.

Q: Since the start of the Alpha there was a bug when opening door with a key and repeatedly pressing the action button caused character hands to freeze, as well as items in the inventory (it was impossible to shoot, reload and change weapons). It also occurred while picking items, opening boxes and changing modifications. It’s already beta, but bug is still here, will it get fixed?

A: It has been tested, but we could not reproduce this bug. If you encountered it, please report it to support. This problem with freezes is a cornerstone one. We had to do certain things differently in the past. Ideally, we need to rewrite part of the game, but under current conditions we will just look for such cases and close them.

Q: Will you add knocking down enemy? I.e. deal with the cases when the character has lower limbs destroyed, but is still standing?

A: This is an animated Ragdoll (type of procedural animation) that allows us to fall off the feet and get up, just as in GTA. This is a serious task which is planned, but haven't been done yet because it causes network synchronization problems.

Q: Will the stash get reorganized? For example, would it be possible to sort the items in it?

A: It will. We even has the sorting, just turned it off due to certain problems. There will be one more option to view inventory, as a list.

Q: Is it possible to learn any details about the player Hideout?  Can we use the stash from there, for example?

A: There's a whole list of Q&A on that. Hideout is a visual representation of you. At start it will only feature bare minimum - a shooting range to shoot and ability to use certain crafting opportunities. But gradually, over time, we’ll add interactions, turning water on or something like that. The stash will be dynamically displayed, if there are indeed come canned foods, you’ll see them standing in the Hideout. We are now going from minimum to maximum. The stash is a fairly complex system, so please don’t expect complete interactivity immediately.

Q: Will there be a narrative training in the game? For example, the player will have to pass a small location that will teach to handle weapons, load mags, distributing them in the vest.

A: Something like that is planned. The very first singleplayer location. We are still discussing what should be there, what kind of training. We do not want the to tell player how to play the game in detail on purpose. But it will cover the basic aspects such as controls.

Q: Will the barter mechanics be changed? Right now, players complain that for exchanging a few items you need to look for a pile of junk, as a result, the inventory becomes clogged with unnecessary things, which is especially hurting for players with Standard Edition.

A: Well, firstly the stash will be extendable. And secondly, how else? Any question you can ask about EFT has a reply: how would it go down in real life? Moreover, there is yet no marketplace where you could get the required items through other schemes or with other conditions. Now you cannot analyze the EFT economy system, because now there are yet no marketplace and no auctions, and, most importantly, no extended trader artificial intelligence system which is getting done now. Traders only have the basic AI at this point, they don't behave like people yet. They will change prices, dump, etc. As of now, the prices do not change. Market value is not changed in any way, but it will start to with the implementation of the marketplace. The goods will begin to lose value.

The economy is going to live by itself without our intervention. Now we still have to add the goods and money, but we won’t have to do it afterwards. E.g., if trader runs out of money, he will have to find a solution with his own AI. Raise the price on a certain product or something else.

Q: What will be difference between quests and barter? According to preliminary screenshots we can see that completing the task with Prapor and bringing him three MR-133 will get us rewarded with Saiga.  Barter mechanics is roughly the same.

A: First, those screenshots no longer reflect reality. Now everything is different.

Soon we will introduce quests, they now are being tested. These will be basic quests with the three traders.

We'll give later the material on the quests later. But the point is that we now use the maximum variety of quests to diversify the gameplay related to them. Next step will be introducing personal quests - thoughts and research aimed at story development.

Q: Will the character take notes, as in the classic RPG, to uncover the full scope of the story?

A: Character notes, diaries are the essence of these personal quests which are instrumental to the story, and everything else, while also important, is to larger extent just a tool for earning experience, standing, goods, items. You can make your notes yourself. There is a special topic for that.

Q: Will there be karma or fines for players who abuse Scav gameplay? That is, kill their own and leave the location.

A: Definitely yes, they will be punished, we’re thinking of ways to do it realistically. The main character's karma system is still in development. We have not linked it with the Scav karma yet, but most likely we will make it common. I.e. actions as Scav can affect karma of the main character.

Q: I hope it will not be like Contract Wars, where players rate each other?

A: No, it won't be. Karma is your actions in the game.

Q: Freeroam. What will it be? As in Stalker, moving from location to location with loading?

Or will it be one big map in many square kilometers large which will unite all in one location?

A: This will be one location which includes all others.

Q: Will PCs manage such spaces?

A: They should, because we will use streaming (i.e. loading whatever is located before that character and unloading what is left behind).

Q: The game will feature the arena mode. Is it possible to use it as a platform for cybersport competitions?

A: Easily. Turning Arena into something of Tournament functionality is now under active discussion. The key point is that Arena will be ruled by skill. Of locations there will be not only the


Q: Why is PMC operative Starter Kit so poor?

A: Events at the beginning of the game will explain how it happened.

Q: At what stage in the development should character customization be expected?

A: Three addition pairs of hands and lower body sets are ready at the moment. In total, four versions of the top and bottom. Heads are more difficult to do for now, but the head, obviously, cannot be changed, you can only choose it at the beginning of the game. Functionality: change of pants or outerwear will be provided as a trader service, it won’t influence anything, just visuals.

Q: And what about customization of the MOLLE systems?

A: It is a complex of tasks associated with the modification of equipment. The functionality will be similar to the modification of the weapons: there will be slots that can be equipped with various pouches. For instance, there will be a helmet on which you can modify the visor, armor pads, NVD mount.

Q: How are contacts made between the producer of equipment and weapons and Battlestate Games?

A: Usually, there are two options. Either we write somebody, or somebody writes to us. Generally, it is us getting letters from producers who would like to see their products in our game. And that’s it. We start to communicate. Just a friendly arrangement.

Q: Then the item is getting inspected and modeled?

A: Yes, they can send it to us or we can go shooting to them, record sounds and do other stuff that we need done.  For instance, equipment is almost every time delivered to us. Of course, it is much more complicated  with foreign companies, delivering from abroad can be difficult, and there are other problems - weapons can’t be delivered here. However, companies are still ready to ship us gear.

Q: Will AK-12 be included? For example, in Contract Wars and Hired Ops there are AK-12 assembled in 2013.

A: We have AK-12 lists. Moreover we have the pictures of that old AK-12 (2013 issue). The same situation here as with Glock style pistols, there are 4 generations, and we are now doing the third generation model. It's the same with AK-12 - we can make the model of year 2012, or the species from 2016.

Q: What about exclusives such as VAL mod.3 and TKPD?

A: VAL mod. 3 is essentially just a bodykit: handguard, shortened barrel, modified stock and grip. Nothing prevents players from customizing VAL to get mod. 3 eventually. Same thing with TKPD. Some traders, however, might sell already already assembled options.

Q: That is not excluded? The concept is not violated?

A: It is not excluded. When we have collected all the weapons to be in EFT, we relied on the universe as a whole. And the universe includes the Contract Wars too as an active phase of the BEAR and USEC confrontation. Weapons used in it have not disappeared.

Q: The Contract Wars featured about a hundred different weapons. Will it be about the same in EFT?

A: More. Well, let’s see - three options of AKSU. 2 options of Kedr. That is, if you take all the modifications that will be a lot of weapons.

Q: Why waive the belt-fed machineguns?

A: We didn’t cancel them, just postponing their production for a while because they are very time-consuming at the moment. We’ll spend a lot of time on them, and they will be specific-purpose weapons, not for mass use. For now we’d better concentrate on more massively used weapons. That will actually be used, rather than collecting dust in caches (like DVL). In the future, of course we shall do them too. Lack of certain weapon is also temporary. For example, MP-5 is now rarely used due to complexity of purchase and barter, but appearance of USEC bots will change that.

Q: Will EFT be released on disks, Collector's Edition maybe?

A: Probably, closer to release. A limited batch of discs, but what will be included on the we haven’t thought through yet.

Final words:

The most interesting events of EFT are only just beginning. It will always be interesting. Every new location will be like a new game. Location-wise, we are finishing the Shoreline now, which lacks its main part - the health resort, which is essentially a mini-city. Beside the resort, there will also be hydroelectric power plant and a large piece of forest.

With every upgrade we will improve performance, and introduce features that have long been discussed.

Thank you very much for supporting us. I’d like to see the EFT community transforming into something more, a hardcore-loving community.

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Maverick V6

Dear friends!

We are happy to announce that in the coming days we will install game servers for Oceania. It was done! From now on, you can stop writing the phrase "Where da Oceania server at?"

The server is located in Sydney, Australia, and will provide a comfortable game for all players of Oceania!

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Maverick V6



**Below is a summary of the most recent interview with the EFT developers at the 2017 Gamescom Event. **


·         Quests (Tasks):

o   Quests are the main focus for the next major update

o   Every trader will offer different quests

§  Quests allow you to earn special rewards

·         XP, money, weapons, etc

·         Learn events/lore of EFT

o   Missions are ‘hand crafted’, tailored to each player based on decisions each player makes while playing

§  Some quests will affect your loyalty or reputation with other traders in game

·         You could be greatly rewarded or punished.

§  Other PMCs may be trying to accomplish the same mission while in a Raid, yet there may be multiple parties working towards their own goals.  You will not know what the intentions are of other members while playing each raid.

§  Quests can be quick (ie. Kill 3 AI and collect certain weapon parts)

§  Other Quests can be much longer and take the full duration of the allotted time in a Raid. Some may even take multiple trips to the same raid to accomplish.

o   Bigger more detailed missions will require higher reputations with traders to unlock.

§  This will ultimately will adjust/tailor how each player explores Tarkov

o   Roughly 30 missions will be available upon initial implementation with the EFT player base.

o   Upon full release, they hope to have 200+ quests

§  Some will be generic

§  Other much more involved

§  With a hope that the quest progression will vary to some extent as determined by the players actions

·         New Game Mechanics:

o   Under barrel grenade launcher is once again added.

o   Blind fire over and around objects will be added

o   New gesture signals (thumbs up, hold, advance, middle finger, etc.)

·         When can next major update be expected

o   3-4 weeks after Gamescom

·         Bugs, stability issues:

o   Servers are being adjusted daily to help with their stability

o   Big problems:

§  Flow of game, undetectable bugs, all of which causing desync problems. 

·         Some of these issues are unexpected, and is causing some delay in development and progress with server stability.

·         Developers are aware of these issues and they will be fixed.

·         Hideout:

o   Coming maybe in this stage of Beta, but likely won’t come until sometime during or shortly after open beta

§  Open beta scheduled for end of year (Closer to Holiday season)

o   They showed fully upgraded hideout in the Gamescom video

§  These upgrades will help you with crafting, health recovery, etc.

§  Everything will need to be upgraded to achieve maximum efficiency.

·         What about Cheaters?

o   A detailed anti-cheat system is already active

o   It is delayed system:

§  Cheater will be found as they play and the cheater will later be banned in 1-2 weeks upon being detected.

·         Ban is permanent

o   A reporting system for cheaters will be developed, yet this is not currently available.

·         VOIP, in game chat?

o   Gestures and command system coming soon

§  This will be on top of VOIP communication system intended later in development

o   You will need to build, develop, find radio systems to talk to other members/squads

§  Without it, the command system and gestures will be in place to help with communication for those without a functional radio system. Obviously, this is in mind for those not using 3rd party talk engines

o   In game type chat won’t be developed for EFT

§  It is not realistic to be able to type to everyone in Raid and thus tell friends where people may be advancing with text.

·         What game engine is this made with:

o   Unity 5


Another summary can be found here (Courtesy of Susuman):



I just watched and paid close attention to the new additions coming in to the patch in the future. I watched both the rather lack-luster display shown in the Gamescon 2017 video and the more thorough and well displayed demo from the GameStarDE twitch stream.

Here are the links to both: Gamescon 2017 Escape From Tarkov: 

GameStarDE: Starts about 3:20:20: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/169412267?t=03h20m33s

From the Gamescon video they did demonstrate some new features such as:

  • Folding your stock for better CQB performance.
  • Blind firing over objects
  • The new quest system (I'll go in to detail later)

The juiciest bits came from the better demo on the GameStarDE twitch display. I made a note of the time stamps if you would like to follow along or see something for yourself.

Quest system: This is the main focus of the update that the developers seemed most proud of and ready to demonstrate. Each trader will have specific, hand-made quests for them. These quests could be similar to each other but have different consequences on that trader's loyalty. For example, the therapist wants you to mark a chemical truck but turn it in for her in order for her to examine it and help people protect against it. On the other hand Skier wants you to do the same thing but turn it in to him in order for him to sell it to the highest bidder. Whichever option you choose will affect future story missions. The devs mentioned that you need a really high loyalty level with the traders in order to unlock "story missions" but didn't go in to much detail about it. Higher loyalty was also said to unlock new weapons, quests, and services from the traders.

Rewards for the quests will include money(I saw one up to 200k rubles), fort armor and EXP. Devs said the update will come with 30 hand-crafted quests.

New gesture system: Devs were showing the gestures system they will be adding this update multiple times through the gameplay. It looks similar to the action rose found in Battlefield. When pulled up there were gestures found in the middle of the rose that include come, hold, thumbs down/up, move forward, flipping the bird, and high five.

Furthermore there were four different sections including "Health Status" "Command" "Help" and "Enemy" that were grayed out for now except Command.

The Command option of the action rose was said to be a part of the communication between players that they plan to implement. To my understanding these will be commands that your player shouts and can be used to communicate with others. These commands included things such as "Cover Me" "Follow Me" "Get Back" "Go Forward" "Suppress" etc. Shown at (3:40:16)

Grenade Launcher for AK: Spotted it initially at (3:20:55) on the character display page, the devs showed a close up of it at (3:22:20). They also displayed the new 40mm grenade that will be used in the GL at (3:23:11). They continue to demonstrate the grenade launcher at (3:26:36). It had an automatic explosion upon contact of anything and the travel time seemed to be really fast. This could be a very deadly new weapon being introduced in to the game, although they did not mention whether or not it is coming, rather just demonstrated it.

New weapon: PP-19-01: The devs also demonstrated a new weapon, it is shown on one of the loading screens and I've always wondered what it is. It is the Vityaz 9x19 sub machine-gun. They used it quite a bit in the demo and mostly around (3:25:00) and onward. Looks and plays very similar to the AKS-74 already in the game.

HIDEOUT: Shown at (3:36:00), they did a walk-through of the hideout and showed off many of its features and upgraded versions. They showed the shooting range, lounge area, weapon workshop, and there were several monitors in the hideout that looked like they were displaying security camera footage.

You will have to upgrade different parts of the Hideout in order to gain their benefits.

small things I noticed:  Monster suppressor was in the dev's stash, might be coming back around. *There was a top rail on the P226 that I spotted at (3:32:12) maybe they will be adding new pistol attachments that finally allow us to add sights.

They ended the stream demo with some questions from the viewers.

When is the update coming? A: "3-4 weeks after the Gamescon, the update will be released"

What are you doing to improve server stability? A: "We are working every day to improve server stability"

When is the Hideout coming? (3:36:33)
The dev was very dodgy on this and gave a very big estimate. A: "Maybe a little bit after open beta. Plan to release open beta end of this year, December." He also says: "There is a possibility that the hideout will be in this update"

Will there be a system implemented for reporting cheaters? A: "There is a system that detects cheaters, it was implemented a long time ago. It's kind of good, it's the perfect anti-cheat system. It has a delayed principle, cheater will be banned in a week." "We will implement some kind of report system. You will be able to report rude players and strange gameplay that you detected."

Are there any plans for VOIP? (3:40:00) A: In-game voice is planned, no global chat is going to be implemented because it is unrealistic. There will be a radio added in order to communicate.


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